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to withdraw / to abort / to quit / to log out (computing)
  *退* | 退* | *退
to retreat / to decline / to move back / to withdraw
to refund / refund
to replace a purchase / to exchange a purchase
to retire from the military, sport etc / to demobilize / to decommission / retired from use
to retire / retirement (from work)
to return a product for another item
to return merchandise / to withdraw a product
to return (sth borrowed etc) / to send back / to refund / to rebate
to cancel (a booking) / to unsubscribe (from a newsletter etc)
to return (an item) / to send back / to go back
tax rebate or refund
to bounce (a check) / to return a ticket / ticket refund
to be discharged from military service
to check out of a hotel room
to reduce fever
to shrink back / to cower
annealing (metallurgy)
to leave a place where some event is taking place / (of an actor) to exit / (sports) to leave the field / (of an audience) to leave
to quit school
to degenerate / atrophy
to abdicate
to reduce fever
to do less well than before / to make a concession / setback / backward step / leeway / room to maneuver / fallback
to lapse (or terminate) an insurance
to move aside / to get out of the way / to back down / to concede
to refund money
restoring agricultural land to forest
to retire / to withdraw / to retreat / to step down
a way out / a way to retreat / leeway
shut-out, container or consigment not carried on the intended vessel or aircraft
antipyretic (drug to reduce fever, such as sulfanilamide)
to retreat / to shrink back
to recede / to degenerate / to regress
to divert water / to drain
to decommission
degenerative / retrograde
(of a tide) to ebb or go out
to settle for second best / the next best thing
to withdraw to the second line of duty / to resign from a leading post (and assume an advisory post)
to withdraw from a group
to retreat and defend / to withdraw and maintain one's guard
to withdraw from a political party
backspace (keyboard)
lit. to retreat three day's march (idiom); fig. to give way in the face of superior strength / a strategic withdrawal
variant of 褪色 / also pr. [tui4 shai3]
to eject (media player)
to make restitution
to retire from the courtroom / to adjourn
to reject (visa application etc) / (commerce) to return to sender / item returned to sender
retirement pay / pension
to withdraw
Retreat and Reflection Garden in Tongli, Jiangsu
Veterans' Day
to absent oneself from a meeting / to decline to attend
to thaw (frozen food) / to bring to room temperature
to subside
to leave the hospital / (old) (of a monk) to leave the monastery
retirement pension
to retire / to leave one's position

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