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  *远* | 远* | *远
far / distant / remote / (intensifier in a comparison) by far / much (lower etc)
remote / long distance / long range
  *远* | 远* | *远
to distance oneself from (classical)
to be far from / to keep away from
distant place
distant seas / the open ocean (far from the coast)
far-reaching / broad / ambitious / promising
far away / a distant location
distant / by far
an expedition, esp. military / march to remote regions
antiquity / ancient times
prospect / long-range view
a long journey / far from home
(fame) spreads far and wide
surpassing by far
Far East (loanword)
to sell to faraway lands
an estranged person / sb who is alienated / people far from home
far and near / distance
telnet / rlogin / remote login
long-term / at a fixed date in the future (e.g. for repayment) / abbr. for 遠期合約|远期合约
to travel a great distance by sea or air / voyage / long-haul flight
lofty ideal
to travel to (a distant place)
far end / remote end / remote / distant
RMON / remote monitoring
expeditionary force / army on a distant expedition
farsighted / hyperopia or hypermetropia (farsightedness)
to gaze afar / to look into the distance
to go far / to escape to faraway places
high beam (headlights)
to travel far / distant wanderings
long-distance / long-haul
excursion / hike / march
to gaze into the distance
Endō (Japanese surname)
to travel across the oceans
far-reaching ambition / lofty ideal / milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia), with roots used in Chinese medicine
Yuan'an county in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei
visionary and sagacious (idiom)
outer suburbs / remote outskirts of a city
long-term strategy
(to go to) distant parts / faraway / a distant relative
a remote ancestor
to fade into the distance / (fig.) to peter out / to fade away
a distant relative
distantly related / a distant relative
to exceed by far / to outclass
distantly related / remote affinity
to keep at a distance / to forsake
water in a distant place is of little use in putting out a fire right here / (fig.) a slow remedy does not address the current emergency
long distance missile
Yuan'an county in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei
aphelion, the furthest point of a planet in elliptic orbit to the sun / opposite: perihelion 近日點|近日点 / higher apsis
long-term considerations / to take the long view
you have made a long and exhausting journey (套语 polite talk) / you will make a long trip (when asking a favor that involves going to a far away place)
forward contract (finance)
A relative afar is less use than a close neighbor (idiom). Take whatever help is on hand, even from strangers.
heaven / the distant sky
guest from afar
lit. distant water does not cure present thirst; fig. urgent need / a slow remedy does not address immediate needs
to cross (the wide ocean)
thousands of miles away / far away
a long-term plan / an ambitious strategy
far from it being so (idiom)
indirect cause / remote cause
far from solved
Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis)
off-site monitoring
known far and wide (idiom)
letter from afar (literary)
the monk coming from afar is good at reading scriptures (idiom) / foreign talent is valued higher than local talent
distant descendants
(bird species of China) Manchurian reed warbler (Acrocephalus tangorum)
near and distant relatives
(bird species of China) Manchurian bush warbler (Horornis borealis)
(bird species of China) Japanese tit (Parus minor)
distal cytoplasm

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