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to move / to exercise / sports / exercise / motion / movement / campaign / CL: 場|场
to move along one's course (of celestial bodies etc) / (fig.) to function / to be in operation / (of a train service etc) to operate / to run / (of a computer) to run
to transport / to carry / transportation
  *运* | 运* | *运
to move / to transport / to use / to apply / fortune / luck / fate
to be in operation / to do business / (of train, bus etc) to be in service / operation / service
to use / to put to use
to perform calculations / (mathematical) operation
operator (of a power station, transport network etc) / carrier (telecommunications etc)
freight fee
to operate / operations / workings / activities (usu. of an organization) / thread (computing)
Yuncheng prefecture level city in Shanxi 山西
to work / to operate / to revolve / to turn around
luck (good or bad)
run-time (in computing)
athlete / CL: , 個|个
sports shoes / sneakers
sports competition / CL: 個|个
Yuncheng prefecture level city in Shanxi 山西
to transport / to carry
chief operating officer (COO)
horoscope / one's fortune
to dribble (basketball, soccer etc)
one's fortune (in astrology)
rules of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) / algorithm / fig. to scheme / to calculate (i.e. plot)
to carry / to convey / delivery / supply
laws of motion (mechanics)
fare / transport cost
sports field / playground / exercise yard
way bill / transport charge
sports shirt / sweatshirt / CL:
to plan / operations / logistics
operations research (OR)
carrier rocket
operational state / running state
lit. to devise battle plan in a tent (idiom) / fig. planning strategies
volume of freight
migration (geology)
athlete / sportsman / activist
distribution / transport and sale (of goods)
operating method / running mode
Yuncheng prefecture in Shanxi
volume of freight
to have a fluent command of (idiom)
armored car (for transporting valuables)
Yunhe District of Cangzhou City 滄州市|沧州市, Hebei
rules of arithmetic
run-time error (in computing)
variant of 運將|运将
(math.) expression (arithmetic, Boolean etc)
shipment / to dispatch / to ship out / to send
transport ship
fortune / luck / fate
equations of motion
transport volume
transport ship
Shanghai Y-10 / Yun-10 commercial jet aircraft
commissioner (old)
to concentrate / to think what you're doing
transport network
freight charge
to wield the pen / to write
one's fortune / destiny
to consign / to send (goods to customers) / shipping / delivery
Unkei (c. 1150-1224), Japanese sculptor of Buddhist images
driver (of a taxi etc) (loanword from Japanese) (Tw)
operating environment
mobile warfare
fate / one's fortune
a general planning in the seclusion of his tent is able to determine the outcome of the distant battle (idiom)
to think / to exercise one's mind
car sickness / motion sickness
cargo wagon
outward freight (accountancy)

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