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  *载* | 载* | *载
to record in writing / to carry (i.e. publish in a newspaper etc) / Taiwan pr. [zai4] / year
  *载* | 载* | *载
to carry / to convey / to load / to hold / to fill up / and / also / as well as / simultaneously
to load into / to record / to write into / to enter (data) / to go into (the records) / to go down (in history)
carrier (chemistry) / vector (epidemiology) / vehicle or medium
load / lading (weight)
to carry a passenger / (of spaceships etc) manned / also pr. [zai3 ren2]
load / carrying capacity
freight / load
carrier wave
to take passengers on board
dead weight / weight capacity of a vehicle
to state explicitly in writing / to specify / to stipulate
conveyance (car, boat, aircraft etc) / vehicle / (fig.) medium / platform / vector
singing and dancing (idiom); festive celebrations
to convey (on vehicle) / to freight
passenger capacity
weight-carrying capacity
frequency of carrier wave
to cover the road (snow, wind, hazards etc) / distance (between locations)
books (in Confucian education)
passenger train (or bus)
onboard (equipment) / to ferry cars / missile trucks
to fill the road (also fig. clamor, cries of complaint) / to communicate a moral / to convey the Way / to express (idea, preference, complaint)
a scholarly and inquisitive individual (idiom)
birth name of Qing emperor Guangxu 光緒|光绪
to carry a boat or to overturn a boat (idiom); fig. The people can support a regime or overturn it.
to carry / to bear
Zai Yi (1856-1922), Manchu imperial prince and politician, disgraced after supporting the Boxers
singing and dancing (idiom); festive celebrations
manned orbiting space station
Zebedee (name)

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