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carriage / CL: 節|节
  *车* | 车* | *车
surname Che
  *车* | 车* | *车
car / vehicle / CL: 輛|辆 / machine / to shape with a lathe / Kangxi radical 159
  *车* | 车* | *车
war chariot (archaic) / rook (in Chinese chess) / rook (in chess)
vehicle model (i.e. particular version of a car or motorcycle etc)
rail station / bus stop / CL: 處|处, 個|个
workshop / CL: 個|个
motor show
body of automobile
vehicle owner
license plate
parking spot / unloading point / garage place / stand for taxi
car or other vehicle (bicycle, truck etc)
traffic accident / car crash / CL: 場|场
traffic lane / driveway
train or coach service ("service" as in "they run 12 services per day between the two cities")
ticket (for a bus or train)
motorcade / fleet / CL:
car door / door of bus, railway carriage etc
vehicle light (headlight, turn indicator etc)
car window / window of vehicle (bus, train etc)
vehicle speed
car-related business / car dealership / taxi company / (commercial) garage
traffic / to drive (i.e. travel in a vehicle)
cart / barrow / frame / chassis
travel time / expected time for a car journey
car roof
car show girl / model who poses next to cars
passenger fare
traffic / rate of traffic flow
lathe work / lathe operator
(American) cherry (loanword)
(vehicle) tire
car allowance
cart driver / coachman
endless stream of horse and carriages (idiom) / heavy traffic
vehicles and horses
handlebar (bicycle etc) / shaft (rickshaw etc)
Checheng township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
vehicle number (license plate number, taxi number, bus number, train car number)
(bus, train etc) depot / car factory or repair shop
axle / CL:
lit. car shaking / car sex
plantain herb (Plantago asiatica)
rut (of a wagon) / track
roadway / carriageway
Chechnya, a republic in southwestern Russia / Chechen
variant of 車廂|车厢
open-topped container (mounted on a truck or cart) for carrying loads / dump box (of a dump truck) / bucket (of a front loader) / wheelbarrow
wagon / freight car
fare / transport costs
long queue of slow-moving traffic / tram
lit. when we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through (idiom) / fig. everything will turn out for the best / let's worry about it when it happens / it will be all right on the night
Nikolai Chernyshevsky
shaft (pulling a cart)
bicycle bell
Chelyabinsk town on the eastern flanks of Ural, on trans-Siberian railway
photo attached to the front of a hearse in a funeral procession
Checheng township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
vehicle license
lit. measured in cartloads and gallons / fig. by the barrowload (i.e. lots and lots) / innumerable
imagawayaki (sweet snack made of batter cooked in the shape of a car wheel, stuffed with azuki bean paste or other fillings)
to tear off a person's four limbs and head using five horse drawn carts (as capital punishment) / to tear limb from limb
car boot, trunk
honewort / Cryptotaenia japonica
a vehicle's registration information (Tw)
traffic passage
everything will turn out all right (idiom) / let's worry about it when it happens / it will be all right on the night
expert cart-driver / charioteer
spoke (of wheel)
car slave, sb forced to sacrifice quality of life to buy or maintain a car
vehicle rental fee paid by cab and rickshaw drivers
erhua variant of 車份|车份
garage / carport / (old) rickshaw room
car loan (abbr. for 汽車貸款|汽车贷款)
(vehicle) headlight

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