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  *身* | 身* | *身
body / life / oneself / personally / one's morality and conduct / the main part of a structure or body / pregnant / classifier for sets of clothes: suit, twinset / Kangxi radical 158
identity / status / capacity / dignity / position / rank
the body / one's health / CL: , 個|个 / in person
identity card / ID
(a person's) height
at one's side / on hand
stature / build (height and weight) / figure
on the body / at hand / among
posthumous / one's social background / behind the body
body / pregnancy / health
I.D. number
to die
in the capacity of / as
silhouette / figure
one's life experience / one's lot / one's past history
social status / price of a slave / price of a person (a sportsman etc) / worth / value (of stocks, valuables etc)
body and mind / mental and physical
ID card / proof of identity
in (some place) / to be in (adversity, a difficult situation, danger, turmoil etc) / to find oneself in / placed in / surrounded by
skill / talent / agility
to wear (a garment)
figure (esp. a woman's)
(idiom) to experience it for oneself / to actually *be* there (as opposed to reading about it etc)
to be trapped / to be imprisoned
a woman's physique / figure / posture on stage
to practice what one preaches (idiom)
height (of person) / length of clothing from shoulders to bottom (tailor or dressmaker's measure)
to die
without the freedom to act independently (idiom); involuntary / not of one's own volition / in spite of oneself
holding two jobs simultaneously
variant of 身份 / identity / status / capacity / dignity / position / rank
pregnancy / pregnant
to lose one's standing / to have one's reputation swept away / a complete defeat and fall from grace
to teach by example
penniless (idiom)
body / physique / physical condition
lit. veteran of a hundred battles (idiom) / fig. experienced / seasoned
identification card / ID card
tall / huge
thrown into prison / behind bars
body mass index (BMI)
seriously injured
physically and emotionally exhausted
lit. the body is the revolution's capital / fig. good health is a prerequisite for work (Mao Zedong's saying)
mere worldly possessions
posture / upright posture
identity theft
strong and vigorous / sturdy / robust
body shape
to be pregnant (idiom)
as lithe as a swallow (of athlete or beautiful girl)
pose / figure / attitude
height (of a person) / stature / fig. reputation / standing
to live in plenty without appreciating it (idiom); not to know when one is well off
identity card / also written 身份證|身份证
identity card / ID card
to be decapitated (idiom)
live in Cao camp but have the heart in Han camp (idiom) / to be somewhere while longing to be somewhere else
to go to prison / to be imprisoned
body part
erhua variant of 身板
worn out in body and soul (idiom)
teaching by example beats explaining in words (idiom) / action speaks louder than words
variant of 身份證號碼|身份证号码 / I.D. number
fallen into a trap
worn out in body and soul (idiom)
stature / build (height and weight) / figure
to wear
pose or motion of one's body in martial arts
to fight at the head of one's troops / (fig.) to take the lead
body will go with the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence

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