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  *赶* | 赶* | *赶
to overtake / to catch up with / to hurry / to rush / to try to catch (the bus etc) / to drive (cattle etc) forward / to drive (sb) away / to avail oneself of (an opportunity) / until
hurriedly / without delay
at once / immediately
to go to market / to go to a fair
to hurry (to some place)
to keep up with / to catch up with / to overtake / to chance upon / in time for
to rush over
to drive out / to turn back
to hurry / to hasten / to make haste
to hurry to (somewhere)
to overtake
to drive away
to hurry / to rush
to hasten on with one's journey / to hurry on
can't keep up with / can't catch up with / cannot overtake
to go and take an imperial examination
to work as a carter or porter / to transport goods for a living (esp. by donkey)
to kill to the last one (idiom) / to exterminate / to eradicate / ruthless
to drive a cart
to drive away / to force out / to repel
to keep up with the latest fashion
to work against the clock / to hurry with work to get it done in time
lit. to drive a duck onto a perch (idiom) / fig. to push sb to do sth way beyond their ability
as soon as possible / at the first opportunity / the sooner the better / before it's too late
not enough time (to do sth) / too late (to do sth)
(coll.) some day / one of these days
there is still time (to do sth) / to be able to do sth in time / to be able to make it
it's better to hurry at the start than to rush later (idiom)
to catch up with England and surpass the USA (economic goal)
to follow the trend
to drive sheep / to herd sheep

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