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competition (e.g. sporting)
  *赛* | 赛* | *赛
to compete / competition / match / to surpass / better than / superior to / to excel
season (sports)
competition schedule / the course of a race
auto race / cycle race / race car
(loanword) cyber-
racetrack / field (for athletics competition)
race course
horse race / horse racing
Seth (name)
race (running) / to race (running)
motor racetrack / cycle racetrack
Seres, Chinese electric vehicle brand
racing driver
Saihan District of Hohhot City 呼和浩特市, Inner Mongolia
Saihan District of Hohhot City 呼和浩特市, Inner Mongolia
match point (tennis etc)
religious procession / exposition
boat race / racing ship or boat / rowing (sport)
Celeron (an Intel chip)
to race dragon boats
race course / race ground / race track
stage of a competition
celluloid (loanword)
Cyprus (Tw)
Sayram Lake in Xinjiang
the Jockey Club, Hong Kong philanthropic organization (and former gentleman's club)
Subway (fast food restaurant)
pit babe / paddock girl / grid girl
science (loanword)
stadium cycle race
Segway PT
Sedna, small body in the outer reaches of the solar system
"Mr Science", phrase used during the May 4th Movement 五四運動|五四运动 / abbr. for 賽因斯|赛因斯 / see also 德先生
Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973), American writer known for her novels on Asian cultures, Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize laureate
dragon-boat race
boat race / racing ship or boat
Seediq, one of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan
cellophane (loanword)
Cerence, US company providing AI-based automotive assistants
Said or Sayed (Arabic name)
Saisiyat or Saisiat, one of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan
(bird species of China) Sykes's warbler (Iduna rama)

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