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to ruin / to corrupt / to undermine
  *败* | 败* | *败
to defeat / to damage / to lose (to an opponent) / to fail / to wither
lost battle / defeat
to be utterly defeated / to be routed
to retreat in defeat
(of a plot etc) to fall through and stand exposed
scum of a community / degenerate
to lose a lawsuit
(literary) to be routed (in a war) / to suffer defeat (in sports etc)
to be defeated and dispersed
lost game / losing battle
(of status or wealth) to decline / (of buildings etc) to become dilapidated / run-down / (of plants) to wilt
a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting / a faulty expression in writing
to run away (in defeat)
(TCM) to relieve inflamation and internal heat / to detoxify
to be defeated on the battlefield / to be beaten in a contest
ruined / broken down / shabby
to lose a war / fig. the loser (in a competition or election)
to squander one's fortune / to dissipate one's wealth
spoil one's appetite
evil conduct
relieve inflammation or internal heat
The army is completely routed. (idiom)
return of the prodigal son
spendthrift; wastrel; prodigal
broken flower, withered willow (idiom); fig. fallen woman

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