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quality / (physics) mass / CL: 個|个
to call into question / to question (truth or validity)
  *质* | 质* | *质
character / nature / quality / plain / to pawn / pledge / hostage / to question / Taiwan pr. [zhi2]
quarantine / quality inspection
quality management
realism (in art) / sense of reality / texture / tactile quality
to pawn / to pledge
texture / background (texture) / grain / quality / character / disposition
mass spectrometry
to question / to ask questions / to inquire / to bring to account / to interrogate
quality assurance (QA)
simple / plain / unadorned / unaffected / unsophisticated / rustic / earthy
proton (positively charged nuclear particle) / a prince sent to be held as a hostage in a neighbouring state in ancient China
prime number
quality inspection
qualitative change / fundamental change
atomic weight of an element / atomic mass
examination of the evidence of the opposing party in a court of law
point mass / particle
qualitative leap
to question / to enquire / interrogatory
mass spectrometer
pawnshop (old)
upright / straightforward
prime factor (in arithmetic)
(high) quality
center of gravity / barycenter
material / matter
proton number in nucleus / atomic number
a mass / a body
quarantine bureau / quality inspection office
at dawn
pawn shop
to blame
proton bombardment

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