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  *读* | 读* | *读
to read / to study / reading of word (i.e. pronunciation), similar to 拼音
  *读* | 读* | *读
comma / phrase marked by pause
to read a book / to study / to attend school
reader / CL: 個|个
reading and writing
(of a computer etc) to read (data)
impression of a book / opinion expressed in a book review
reading material
pronunciation / literary (rather than colloquial) pronunciation of a Chinese character
to read newspapers
reading / data from meter
to attend graduate school
reading / pronunciation (of a Chinese character)
to study the Confucian classics / to read scriptures or canonical texts
to read a score / to read music
to read and understand
to read extensively and thoroughly / nonstandard pronunciation of a Chinese character, e.g. the reading [hao4] in 愛好|爱好 rather than the usual [hao3]
to read out loud / (computing) to read (data) / readout (of a scientific instrument)
to read sb's mind
reading head (e.g. in tape deck)
reader / an instructional book
card reader
scholar / intellectual
study group
audio-output reading machine
incorrect break in reading Chinese, dividing text into clauses at wrong point
Reader's Digest
Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)
mistake of pronunciation

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