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to train / to drill / training / CL: 個|个
  *训* | 训* | *训
to teach / to train / to admonish / instruction (from superiors) / teachings / rule
training camp
to reprimand / to rebuke / to berate / stern criticism
order / instruction
to reprimand / to admonish / to lecture sb
to admonish subordinates
to interpret and make glossaries and commentaries on classic texts
guidance / to instruct / pedagogy
a reading of a written Chinese word derived from a synonym (typically, a vernacular synonym) (e.g. in Mandarin, 投子 may be pronounced as its synonym 色子, and in Wu dialects, is pronounced as its synonym 兩|两 "liahn") / to pronounce a word using such a reading / (Japanese linguistics) kun-reading, a pronunciation of a kanji derived from a native Japanese word that matches its meaning rather than from the pronunciation of the character in a Sinitic language at the time it was imported from China (Note: A kun-reading of a character is distinguished from its on-reading(s) 音讀|音读. For example, has a kun-reading "yama" and an on-reading "san".)
study of classic texts, including interpretation, glossaries and commentaries
pedagogy / to instruct and guide
instruction / order / maxim
to explain / to interpret / interpretation
instruction / admonition
to admonish / instructions / orders
variant of 訓誡|训诫
Korean text HunMin JongUm promulgated by Sejong Daewang in 1418 to introduce hangeul
dean of students office (Tw)
animal training / taming wild beast (e.g. lion-taming)
ministry / the teaching of a religious leader

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