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  *试* | 试* | *试
to test / to try / experiment / examination / test
examination paper / test paper / CL: , 張|张
experiment / test / CL: , 個|个 / to experiment / experimental
to attempt / to try
exam question / test topic
to try sth out / to be on probation
audition / to give sb an audition / to check by listening
test point / to carry out trial / pilot scheme
to read a sample chapter of a book / to subscribe to a publication on a trial basis / to attend classes on a trial basis
to try out / to test
(coll.) to try to
trial period / probationary period
to have a try
to refine with fire
to give it a try
test tube
to sound out / to probe / to feel out / to try out
to test drive / a trial run
style / type / model
I would like to ask (usually used rhetorically) / one might well ask
to consider (a cogent point) (usu. used as an imperative – "Think about it: ...")
to try on (clothes) / fitting
test tube baby
test drive
to try wearing clothes / fitting trial
to try doing (sth) to see how well it turns out / to experiment
to attempt / test run
to try out a new product (or manufacturing process) / prototype / trial product
to test-fire / to conduct a missile test
trial and error (abbr. for 嘗試錯誤|尝试错误)
fitting room
touchstone / fig. test that sth is genuine
to take a screen test / to audition / screen test / audition / tryout
inspection copy (of a textbook etc) / trial edition
experimental station
trial marriage / to live together before deciding whether to marry
test planting / crop grown on a trial basis
reagent / test solution / experimental liquid
user of shareware or demo software
test flight (of aircraft) / sea trial (of ship)
trial sale / test marketing
to work for a trial period / worker on probation
trial broadcast
prototype / trial product / test sample
exam room
preview (of a movie) / trial screening
to taste (wine etc)
to work for a trial period / worker on probation
to try sth out / trial / pilot scheme
screen test
to test the waters
test pilot
audition / dress rehearsal / preview (of a theatrical performance) / dummy run
trial explosion / nuclear test
in vitro fertilisation / test tube fertilisation
spreadsheet / trial balance (accountancy)
demo recording (music)
food sample
people who participate in clinical trials
test room
to take temperature
Petri dish / test dish / trial slide
erhua variant of 試手|试手

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