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  *血* | 血* | *血
blood / colloquial pr. [xie3] / CL: ,
blood pressure
vein / artery / CL:
reeking of blood / bloody (events)
blood vessels
blood sugar
blood group / blood type
lit. blood vessels swell wide (idiom) / fig. one's blood runs quicker / to be excited
bloody battle
wisps of blood / visible veins / (of eyes) bloodshot
blood pressure meter / sphygmomanometer
tears of blood (symbol of extreme suffering) / blood and tears
blood relationship / lineage / parentage
blood plasma
color (of one's skin, a sign of good health) / red of cheeks
murder case
hard-earned capital
serum / blood serum
blood circulation
brave / staunch / unyielding
blood relations / one's own flesh and blood / kin
blood cell
to be badly mangled or mutilated (idiom)
blood purge / massacre
blood and vital breath / bloodline (i.e. parentage) / valor
dripping with blood / bloody (tragedy)
blood clot / thrombosis
blood and sweat / sweat and toil
full of sap (idiom); young and vigorous
blood platelet
blood bank
hemogram / picture of blood used in medical research
letter written in one's own blood, expressing determination, hatred, last wishes etc
blood relationship / consanguinity
(fig.) history full of suffering / heart-rending story / CL:
hematoma / swelling of soft tissue due to internal hemorrhage
blood diamond / conflict diamond
kin / blood relation
hard-earned money
blood products
thin blood / watery blood
to lose everything one invested (idiom) / to lose one's shirt
disease of the blood
metrorrhagia (vaginal bleeding outside the expected menstrual period)
blood clot
bloodstain / bloodstained
evidence of murder / bloodstain evidence
Bloody Mary
to coagulate
erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
rain of blood / heavy rain colored by loess sandstorm
bloodbath / pool of blood
debt of blood (after killing sb)
blood corpuscle / hemocyte
desperate getaway (from a battlefield) / to cut a bloody path out of a battlefield
blood is thicker than water / fig. family ties are closer than social relations
rivers of blood (idiom) / bloodbath
blood obstruction
bloody garment
A debt of blood must be paid in blood. / Blood calls for blood.
shopping as a fun pastime (loanword)
history written in blood / epic period of struggle and sacrifice
bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl (idiom); ferocious mouth of beast of prey / fig. greedy exploiter / rapacious aggressor
blood sausage / blutwurst / black pudding
dragon's blood (bright red tree resin)
to spit blood (idiom); venomous slander / malicious attacks
flesh and blood flying (idiom); carnage / people blown to pieces
bloodstained shirt / bloody garment
enough blood flowing to float pestles (idiom); rivers of blood / blood bath
blood oxygen level
blood oxygen level
field of blood / battlefield / hateful place / Aceldama (field bought by Judas Iscariot with his 30 pieces of silver in Matthew 27:7)
bloody mouth (from devouring freshly killed prey)
bruise / pale red
coma caused by loss of blood / fainting at the sight of blood / Taiwan pr. [xie3 yun1]
hemaglutinin (the H of virus such as bird flu H5N1)
class division into proletariat and bourgeoisie class enemy, in use esp. during the Cultural Revolution
debt of blood (after killing sb)
one's own flesh and blood (idiom); closely related
hemocyanin (protein in the blood of molluscs etc with a respiratory function similar to hemoglobin)
blood poisoning
blood clotting

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