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to handle / to treat / to deal with / to process / to deal with a criminal case / to mete out punishment / to offer for sale at a reduced price / to punish
to handle / to take care of / to punish
to discipline sb / to punish / disciplinary action / to deal with (a matter) / CL: 個|个
situation (of a person)
  *处* | 处* | *处
to reside / to live / to dwell / to be in / to be situated at / to stay / to get along with / to be in a position of / to deal with / to discipline / to punish
  *处* | 处* | *处
place / location / spot / point / office / department / bureau / respect / classifier for locations or items of damage: spot, point
to be in (some state, position, or condition)
to penalize / to punish
to be situated at / to find oneself at
to plot actively (idiom) / scheming / calculating
everywhere / in all respects
medical prescription / to write out a prescription / (fig.) recommendation / advice
virgin; maiden / maiden (voyage etc); virgin (land); (a novelist's) first (work)
department head / section chief
to handle affairs / to deal with
to conduct oneself in society
(administrative) department-level
Chushu or End of Heat, 14th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 23rd August-7th September
an execution / to put sb to death
(literary) virgin / maiden
to execute (a condemned criminal)
virgin (male)
way of life / attitude / modus operandi
to sentence / to condemn
first publication; maiden work
maiden voyage
to remain calm in the face of events (idiom)
to punish / to handle / to deal with (literary)
(of police etc) to deal with an emergency incident
locative case
a maxim / one's principles
a maxim / one's principles
lit. a caged bird in a pavilion (idiom); fig. to lose vigilance by comfortable living / unaware of the disasters ahead / a fool's paradise
Virgo (constellation and sign of the zodiac) / popular variant of 室女座
first show / maiden appearance
prescription drug
handler (computing)
processing capability / throughput

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