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foliage / leaf / CL: / (slang) marijuana / weed
  *叶* | 叶* | *叶
surname Ye
  *叶* | 叶* | *叶
leaf / page / lobe / (historical) period / classifier for small boats
blade (of propellor) / vane / leaf
folic acid
turbine wheel
Yip Man (1893-1972), martial arts practitioner, master of Bruce Lee
Qaghiliq nahiyisi (Kargilik county) in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang
Ye Shengtao (1894-1988), writer and editor, known esp. for children's books
Yekaterina or Ekaterina (name) / Catherine the Great or Catherine the Second (1684-1727), Empress of Russia
lutein (biochemistry)
Ye county in Pingdingshan 平頂山|平顶山, Henan
venation (pattern of veins on a leaf)
(Tw) fender (automotive)
Yeltsin (name) / Boris Yeltsin (1931-2007) first post-communist president of Russia 1991-1999
Yekaterinburg (Russian city, also known as Ekaterinburg or Sverdlovsk)
lit. Lord Ye's passion for dragons (idiom) / fig. to pretend to be fond of sth while actually fearing it / ostensible fondness of sth one really fears
Ye Yonglie (1940-), popular science writer
petiole / leafstalk
Qaghiliq nahiyisi (Kargilik county) in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang
a falling leaf returns to the roots (idiom); everything has its ancestral home / In old age, an expatriate longs to return home.
Yerevan, capital of Armenia (Tw)
Ye Ting (1896-1946), communist military leader
Yemen (Tw)
Ye Jiangchuan
Jesse (name)
(botany) leaf sheath
Raymond YIP Wai-Man, Hong Kong film director (debut as director: 1994)
foliated / striated into thin leaves
Yarkant River in Xinjiang
leaf arrangement / phyllotaxy (botany)
leaf arrangement / phyllotaxy (botany)
Ye Xuanping (1924-2019), former Governor of Guangdong 廣東|广东
liverwort (Jungermannia lanceolata)
Phyllostomatidae (zoology)
leaf venation (botany) / the pattern of veins on a leaf, characteristic of each species
Michael Grant Ignatieff (1947-), leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
Ekaterinaburg or Ekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk), Russian town on the Ural mountains

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