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  *茶* | 茶* | *茶
tea / tea plant / CL: , 壺|壶
small side table / coffee table / teapoy (ornamental tripod with caddies for tea)
tea / tea leaves / CL: , , ,
Japanese tea ceremony / sado
tea set / tea service
tea prepared in large quantity using inexpensive tea leaves
teahouse / CL:
teacup / tea-glass / cup / mug / CL: 隻|只
Chaling County in Zhuzhou 株洲, Hunan
the art of tea
teapot / CL:
tearoom / teahouse / dim sum restaurant (Hong Kong)
leisure time (over a cup of tea, after a meal etc)
tea party
teahouse / tea-stall with seats / tea-garden or teahouse seat
tea shop
tea and cake / refreshments / tea and dim sum
the Classic of Tea, first monograph ever on tea and its culture, written by 陸羽|陆羽 between 760-780
tea grower
tea party
dark brown / tawny
dark brown / tawny
kestrel / common Eurasian falcon (Falco tinnunculus)
tea stain (on the inside of a tea pot, tea cup etc)
mug / tea mug
old tea-horse market between Tibet, China, Southeast Asia and India, formalized as a state enterprise under the Song dynasty
waiter / steward / porter / teahouse
tea bag
tip / gratuity / money for tea
tea stain (on the inside of a tea pot, tea cup etc)
yellow quartz / topaz
tea tree / Camellia sinensis
tea bag / (slang) trouble (loanword)
to take tea and chat / a small-scale informal gathering with tea and snacks
informal gathering with refreshments provided
(bird species of China) fulvous-breasted woodpecker (Dendrocopos macei)
tea leaves powder
tea egg (egg boiled with flavorings which may include black tea)
Chaling County in Zhuzhou 株洲, Hunan
no thought for tea or rice (idiom); melancholic and suffering / to have no appetite
no heart for tea or rice (idiom); melancholic and suffering / to have no appetite
a teashop
old tea-horse road or southern Silk Road, dating back to 6th century, from Tibet and Sichuan through Yunnan and Southeast Asia, reaching to Bhutan, Sikkim, India and beyond

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