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  *色* | 色* | *色
color / CL: 種|种 / look / appearance / sex
  *色* | 色* | *色
color / dice
tint / coloring / coloration / (fig.) flavor / character
erotic / pornographic
hue / tone
color and luster
pornographic novel / dirty book
salad (loanword)
lecher / pervert / wolf
sexual desire / lust
colored light
color gamut
Sêrtar county (Tibetan: gser thar rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州, Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)
salad oil
stain / colored patch / freckle / lentigo
saturation (color theory)
dice (used in gambling)
partial color blindness / color weakness
to seduce / to lead into sex
satin (textile) (loanword)
color-blind / color blindness
coloration / hue / sex / sex appeal
tryptophan (Trp), an essential amino acid
sex fiend / molester / sex attacker / sex demon (a spirit that enters people's souls and makes them desire sex)
to smell, look and taste great
photography enthusiast
head of a division of the music academy of the imperial court
lecher / pervert
boldness in pursuing one's sexual urges
pornographic film
porn business
chroma key / bluescreen / greenscreen (video editing)
wallowing in lust
porn / book about sex
Sêrtar county (Tibetan: gser thar rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州, Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)
lit. show strength while weak inside (idiom); appearing fierce while cowardly at heart / a sheep in wolf's clothing
lustful / lecherous
mad about sex / nymphomania
outrageously bold in one's lust / debauched (idiom)
salad dressing / vinaigrette
Sera monastery near Lhasa, Tibet
colored wine (made from grapes or other fruit, as opposed to a rice wine etc)
lit. there is a knife above the character for lust / fig. lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences
(slang) pervert / lecher
smiling genially / to beam
Sedan (French town)
plastid (organelle in plant cell)
dice cup
dice cup
to lose one's head over lust / sex-crazy (idiom)
severe in both looks and speech (idiom)
crazy about sex / lecherous / horny
crazy about sex / lecherous / horny

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