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  *腾* | 腾* | *腾
(bound form) to gallop; to prance / (bound form) to soar; to hover / to make room; to clear out; to vacate / (verb suffix indicating repeated action)
lit. to fly upwards swiftly / fig. rapid advance / rapidly developing (situation)
Tengchong county in Baoshan 保山, Yunnan
to soar / to rise high into the air
steaming / scathing
to move / to shift / to move out of the way / to divert (money etc) to a different purpose
Tengger Desert
to jump over / to vault / to soar over
(literary) to gallop / to charge forward
to make (some time or space) available (for sb)
to get one's hands free (to do sth else)
Tengchong county in Baoshan 保山, Yunnan
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