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head / skull / brains / mental capability / CL: 顆|颗, 個|个
  *脑* | 脑* | *脑
brain / mind / head / essence
the mind / the brain
brains / mind / CL: 個|个
cerebral palsy
cerebral infarction
cerebral hemorrhage
brain disease / encephalopathy
mental capacity
meninx / meninges / membranes lining the brain
skull / (fig.) brain (mental capacity)
ventricles of the brain
brain damage
cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
forehead (dialect)
brain death
skull / brain / head / mind / mentality / ideas
brain tumor
back of the head
brain tissue / gray matter / brain / medulla
gyrus (neuroanatomy)
mind / memory
brain stem
(idiom) overweight as a result of living a life of privilege
the spoon shape slope on the nape
the back of the head / (fig.) the back of one's mind
moronic / brainless / bonehead / retard
(Internet slang) to imagine / to visualize
brain wave / EEG
brains (as food)
lobe of the brain
mind map
lit. brain swelling / dizzy / light-headed / intoxicated
variant of 腦脹|脑胀
(anatomy) pons
brain fluid
brains / mind / head / way of thinking
cerebral palsy / spasticity
pituitary glands (at the base of the skull)
cerebral stroke
stroke / cerebral hemorrhage
mental labor / intellectual work
to brainstorm
stroke / cerebral hemorrhage
pituitary gland
soft in the head / brainless / dumb
lit. brains rusty / ossified thinking
to have lost one's mind / crazy / soft in the head
variant of 腦性麻痺|脑性麻痹 / cerebral palsy / spasticity
brain imaging technique
cerebral infarction
brain-computer interface
(slang) fanboy / fangirl
cerebral edema
imaginative / to have one's mind buzzing with ideas
sulcus (neuroanatomy)
cerebral hemorrhage / stroke
erhua variant of 腦瓜|脑瓜
top of the head / crown
cranial nerves
brain cell
brain tumor
blood brain barrier
cerebrovascular disease
to blow one's brain out
cerebral anemia
electroencephalogram (EEG)
electroencephalogram (EEG)
(med.) cerebral concussion

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