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lane / alley / CL: 條|条
variant of 胡同
to talk nonsense / drivel
careless / reckless / casually / absent-mindedly / at will / at random / any old how
beard / CL: , 綹|绺
  *胡* | 胡* | *胡
surname Hu
  *胡* | 胡* | *胡
non-Han people, esp. from central Asia / reckless / outrageous / what? / why? / to complete a winning hand at mahjong (also written )
  *胡* | 胡* | *胡
  *胡* | 胡* | *胡
beard / mustache / whiskers
beard / mustache or whiskers / facial hair / CL: , / (coll.) bandit
Juan (Spanish given name)
to talk rubbish
to indulge in flights of fancy (idiom) / to let one's imagination run wild
Hu Jintao (1942-), General Secretary of the CCP 2002-2012, president of the PRC 2003-2013
babbling nonsense (idiom); crazy and unfounded ravings / double Dutch
to act willfully and make a scene / to make trouble
to chatter / nonsense / blather
Hu Shi (1891-1962), original proponent of writing in colloquial Chinese 白話文|白话文
to run amok (idiom); to commit outrages
to pester endlessly (idiom) / an annoying troublemaker
to make things up / to concoct (a story, an excuse etc)
ground pepper (i.e. powder)
Hu music / central Asian music (e.g. as appreciated by Tang literati)
Vanda miss joaquim (hybrid orchid), national flower of Singapore
beard stubble
variant of 糊塗|糊涂
Hu Xijin (1960-), editor of the "Global Times" 環球時報|环球时报 since 2005
the peoples north, west and south of China
large distance / disaster / calamity
to act arbitrarily regardless of the rules / to mess with sth / to make a hash of things / to cause trouble
huqin / family of Chinese two-stringed fiddles, with snakeskin covered wooden soundbox and bamboo bow with horsehair bowstring
The Nutcracker (ballet)
nonsense / ridiculous talk / hogwash
Hu Yaobang (1915-1989), Chinese politician
to invent crazy nonsense / to cook up (excuses) / to talk at random / wild babble
to win in mahjong (by completing a hand) (Tw)
to concoct a cock-and-bull story (idiom) / to make things up
Hoover (name) / Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) US mining engineer and Republican politician, president (1929-1933)
Jason Hu (1948-), former Taiwan foreign minister
sesame / (botany) flax / linseed
to boast wildly
to mess around / to mess with something / to have an affair
Hook or Hooke (name) / Robert Hooke (1635-1703), brilliant English experimental scientist and inventor
Hutu, an ethnic group in Rwanda and Burundi
broad bean (Vicia faba) / fava bean / also written 蠶豆|蚕豆
wasp / hornet
to eat and drink gluttonously / to pig out
ethnic groups in the north and west of China in ancient times / foreigner / barbarian
to fool / to deceive / to go through the motions
to disturb / to pester
Jenny Hu
Khufu (pharaoh, reigned possibly 2590-2568 BC)
Hu Jia (1973-), PRC dissident human rights activist
pepper spray / OC spray
to stuff oneself with food
sesame seed
Hu Egong (1884-1951), Chinese revolutionary and politician
Hu Quan (1102-1180), Song Dynasty official and poet
peppercorn / seeds of pepper
to talk random nonsense (idiom); to say whatever comes into one's head
Hu Ziwei (1970-), PRC lady TV presenter
beard stubble / Taiwan pr. [hu2 cha2]
Tatar goose, wild goose found in territories northwest of China in ancient times
nonsense / irresponsible patter
pepper genus (Piper spp.)
to pester / to involve sb unreasonably
bandit (old)
Hu Ziwei (1970-), PRC lady TV presenter
to talk provokingly or nonsensically
smelt (family Osmeridae)
to act rashly
peppercorn / seeds of pepper
variant of 蝴蝶
to spend recklessly / to squander money
blunderer / bungler / also written 糊塗蟲|糊涂虫
derogatory nickname given to Hu Xijin 胡錫進|胡锡进 for doing the CCP's bidding as editor of the "Global Times"
beard and mustache
(bird species of China) bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus)
Hu-Wen New Administration (formed in 2003), ostensibly reform-oriented leadership of Hu Jintao 胡錦濤|胡锦涛 and Wen Jiabao 溫家寶|温家宝
to talk nonsense (idiom); saying whatever comes into his head
to talk random nonsense (idiom); to say whatever comes into one's head
indiscriminate admiration (idiom)
erhua variant of 胡琴
to talk random nonsense (idiom); to say whatever comes into one's head
to talk nonsense (idiom); saying whatever comes into his head
stubble / facial hair
with all the majesty of an emperor (idiom) / reckless / intemperate
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), former Vietnamese leader / see also 胡志明市
Ho Chi Minh City a.k.a. Saigon, Vietnam
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