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a share (in a company) / stock
joint-stock limited company / corporation
  *股* | 股* | *股
thigh / part of a whole / portion of a sum / (stock) share / strand of a thread / low-level administrative unit, translated as "section" or "department" etc, ranked below / classifier for long winding things like ropes, rivers etc / classifier for smoke, smells etc: thread, puff, whiff / classifier for bands of people, gangs etc / classifier for sudden forceful actions
share certificate / stock (finance)
shareholder / stockholder
equity shares / stock right
capital stock / investment
stock market
stock price / share price
general shareholders' meeting
joint-stock company
stock investor / share trader
to invest in stock / to buy shares
stock market / stock exchange
stock exchange
buttock cleavage / butt crack
person in charge of a (section or department) / head / chief / director / (in a class in a school) student responsible for a specific duty, e.g. 風紀股長|风纪股长 discipline monitor
quadriceps muscle group / thigh muscles
stock market index / share price index
register of shareholders
joint-stock company
special shareholders' meeting
stock market index / share price index / abbr. for 股票指數|股票指数
market crash
biceps femoris (anatomy)
tinea cruris, fungal skin infection of the groin / dermatomycosis, esp. sexually transmitted / jock itch
femoral artery
(have sb in) the palm of one's hand / fig. (under) one's complete control
ticker symbol (to identify share coupon)
trusted aide
intercrural sex
return on equity (ROE)
share issue
to shake like an aspen / to shiver with fear (idiom)
equity ratio
with shuddering thighs and skin like gooseflesh (idiom)

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