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to take an exam / exam / CL:
to think over / to consider / consideration
to inspect / to observe and study / on-the-spot investigation
to examine / to check up on / to assess / to review / appraisal / review / evaluation
to test / to put to the test / trial / ordeal
  *考* | 考* | *考
to beat / to hit / variant of / to inspect / to test / to take an exam
  *考* | 考* | *考
to check / to verify / to test / to examine / to take an exam / to take an entrance exam for / deceased father
exam room
evaluation / to investigate and evaluate
to check attendance (at school or workplace) / to monitor efficiency (of workers)
to sit an entrance exam for a graduate program
to take a test to establish one's level of proficiency / placement test / (music) grade exam
to consider / to give serious consideration to sth / consideration
to do textual research / to make textual criticism / to verify by means of research (esp. historical details) / to take an exam to get a certificate (abbr. for 考取證件|考取证件)
to investigate / to study
exam question
to pass a university entrance exam
Coventry city in West Midlands 西米德蘭茲|西米德兰兹, UK
exam paper
koala (loanword)
exam outline (outline of the content of an exam, published prior to the exam as a guide for examinees) (abbr. for 考試大綱|考试大纲)
to investigate / to check and research / exquisite
to pass an entrance exam / to be admitted to
Cox (surname)
an examiner / an official conducting an exam
the exam area / the district where an exam takes place
exam candidate / student whose name has been put forward for an exam
investigation team / scientific expedition
textual criticism
the exam period / the exam date
grade / exam mark
to check up on sb's achievements
to check and correct
Kaposvár in southwest Hungary (German: Ruppertsburg), capital of Somogy county 紹莫吉州|绍莫吉州
inspection team
to pass an exam
to finish an exam
Cox Report / Report of the Select Committee on US National Security and Military-Commercial Concerns with the PRC (1999); Committee Chairman Republican Rep. Chris Cox
to pass entrance exam / to enter college after a competitive exam
attendance record book
attendance sheet
questions from previous years' exams (Tw)
survey ship
The Artificer's Record, a technology treaty compiled towards the end of the Spring and Autumn period
Coventry (UK)
to take a relevant exam for a certificate (e.g. driving test, license etc)
to flunk / to fail a test
exam paper / test paper / CL: 張|张
Examination Yuan, the qualification and appointment board under the constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan / exam board
to gain entry by passing an exam / to be admitted to (a college etc)
to pass (an exam)
Ministry of Examination, Taiwan
"exam master", sb who takes many exams and aces all of them

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