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to translate / to interpret / translator / interpreter / translation / interpretation / CL: 個|个, ,
  *翻* | 翻* | *翻
to turn over / to flip over / to overturn / to rummage through / to translate / to decode / to double / to climb over or into / to cross
  *翻* | 翻* | *翻
variant of
to thumb through / to flip through (a book)
to roll / to turn over / to invert / to flip
to revamp / a face-lift / to retread (a tire) / to refurbish (old clothes) / newly emerging
lit. to climb over the wall / fig. to breach the Great Firewall of China
to make a comeback / (of a doctor's assessment of the gender of a fetus) to turn out to be wrong
to roll / to boil
to open up
turndown collar / lapel
to double
to browse / to look over (books)
flip-top (mobile phone, handbag etc) / to rebuild / to renovate
sky and the earth turning upside down (idiom); fig. complete confusion / everything turned on its head
to reproduce photographically / to duplicate / to adapt (as a movie) / to remake (a movie) / adaptation / reproduction / remake
to turn over (when lying) / (fig.) to free oneself / to emancipate oneself / to bring about a change of one's fortunes
to fall out with sb / to become hostile
to reprint / reproduction / pirate copy / (fig.) imitation / carbon copy / clone
to turn over / to transform
to flip over / to turn (a page) / to scroll (an electronic document) / to stir (food in a pot etc) / to move things about / to rummage
to double / to increase by a certain number of times
to overturn / to turn upside down
to cross / to surmount / to transcend
to turn over / to surge / to churn / to rummage / raging (torrent)
translator / interpreter
to capsize / (fig.) to suffer a setback or defeat
lit. to pass over mountain ridges (idiom) / fig. hardships of the journey
to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another (idiom); fig. to shift one's ground / tricky and inconstant / to make love
translator (of writings)
to rebuild (house or road) / to overhaul
to reprint (generally without authorization)
lit. overturning seas and rivers (idiom) / fig. overwhelming / earth-shattering / in a spectacular mess
to turn a somersault
to overturn / to overthrow / to capsize / to collapse
to fall out with sb and become hostile
to overturn trunks and boxes / to make a thorough search (idiom)
to turn over old accounts / fig. to revive old quarrels / to reopen old wounds
to withdraw a remark / to quarrel
to stir up / to turn over
to roll over and over (of billows or clouds)
to win back one's money (gambling etc)
to turn a somersault
to reverse a verdict / to present different views on a historical person or verdict
to retract testimony / to withdraw a confession
to rummage through / to turn everything over / to ransack
ocean sunfish (Mola mola)
cover song / to cover a song
table turnover rate (in a restaurant)
to overturn (a vehicle) / to capsize / to turn upside down / to change completely
to tumble / to turn a somersault
to rummage / to look through / to leaf through
to plow / to turn the soil
fondant (loanword)
suddenly and completely (realize, change one's strategy etc) / also written 幡然
to toss and turn (sleeplessly) / again and again
to capsize and sink
Fanziquan - "Overturning Fist" - Martial Art
to browse and select / to glance through and check
to flip a table over (in a fit of anger) / (at a restaurant) to turn over a table (i.e. to complete a cycle from the seating of one group of diners until the arrival of another group at the same table)
to renege / to go back (on a deal) / to back out (of a promise)
to turn a page / (fig.) to turn over a new leaf
to look to the past for guidance (idiom)
to overturn trunks and boxes / to make a thorough search (idiom)
to overturn empty convention, and display originality (idiom); new and different ideas
to turn over old accounts / fig. to revive old quarrels / to reopen old wounds
to see the error of one's ways / to make a clean break with one's past
(bird species of China) ruddy turnstone (Arenaria interpres)
copy of DVD / pirate DVD
lit. turning his hand palm up he gathers the clouds, turning his hand palm down he turns them to rain / very powerful and capable (idiom)
to roll one's eyes
to compose / to write words to a tune
to spin / to whirl around
to stir-fry
to rebuild / to renovate

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