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  *群* | 群* | *群
variant of
  *群* | 群* | *群
group / crowd / flock, herd, pack etc
mass / multitude / the masses
group / cohort / cluster
community / colony
assemblage of talented individuals / ensemble of heroes
group of islands / archipelago
the mass line, CCP term for Party policy aimed at broadening and cultivating contacts with the masses
to send to multiple recipients / mass mailout / to occur in a clustered fashion
outstanding heroes / warlords vying for supremacy (in former times) / stars (of sports or pop music)
to do with the masses / mass (meeting, movement etc)
to live together (in a large group or flock)
distinguished gathering / a meeting of heroes
mountains / a range of hills
mass organizations
great heroes pursue deer in the central plains (idiom); fig. many vie for supremacy
mass rally
group scuffle / gang fight
all flowers / all beauties / all talents
the peaks of a mountain range
communal organization
to gather / to congregate / to aggregate
Gumma prefecture in northern Japan
to fly as a flock / to flock together
lit. a thunder of dragons without a head / fig. a group lacking a leader
community / (science) biocoenosis / ecological community
to gather / to congregate / to aggregate
mass incident (PRC term for incidents of social unrest, including rioting, melees and petition campaigns)
earthquake swarm
group theory (math.)
the masses rise to attack it (idiom); Everyone is against the idea. / universally abhorrent
collaborative software
crowdsourcing / abbr. to 眾包|众包
group sex
earthquake swarm
island arc (geology)
cluster headache
Qauqaut, one of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan

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