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art / fine arts / painting / CL: 種|种
pleasing to the eye / beautiful / artistic
beautiful / wonderful / splendid
happy / blissful
  *美* | 美* | *美
the Americas / abbr. for 美洲 / USA / abbr. for 美國|美国
  *美* | 美* | *美
beautiful / very satisfactory / good / to beautify / to be pleased with oneself
United States / USA / US
culinary delicacy / fine food / gourmet food
American dollar / US dollar
beautiful / fine
to improve one's appearance (using cosmetics or cosmetic surgery) / to make oneself more attractive / to beautify
beautiful woman
American TV series / abbr. for 美國電視劇|美国电视剧
beautiful scenery
art gallery
America (including North, Central and South America) / the Americas / abbr. for 亞美利加洲|亚美利加洲
hairdressing / to give sb's hair a cut or other beauty treatment / beautiful hair
US army / US armed forces
art design / art designer
to beautify sb's face (with cosmetics etc) / to retouch a photo to make sb look more beautiful / beautiful face / beautified face
Midea (brand)
US dollar / USD
USA and Germany
delicious / delicious food / delicacy
fame / good reputation / famous for sth
US Federal Reserve (Fed), the US central bank
beauty / belle
to make more beautiful / to decorate / embellishment
Maxine (name)
Merlot (grape type)
beautiful and alluring / glamorous / gorgeous
one cent (United States coin)
Meilan district of Haikou city 海口市, Hainan
hairdresser / beautician (male)
an art object
American English
very happy / elated
United States of America
America and Pakistan / America and Brazil / America and Panama
American / American person / American people / CL: 個|个
(Tw) arts and crafts (as a school subject)
charm / loveliness (of a woman)
(of houses, scenery etc) magnificent (idiom)
beauty salon / lady's hair parlor
Meiling (female name) / Zhou Meiling 周美玲 (1969-), Taiwanese gay film director
to dub with a nice-sounding appellation / fanciful moniker
good wine / fine liquor
nothing more beautiful can be imagined (idiom)
sense of beauty / aesthetic perception
Medusa (monster of Greek mythology)
US Congress
BeautyCam, a smartphone app for retouching selfies (abbr. to 美顏|美颜)
a dream come true
fine jade
honey trap / sexual entrapment / CL: 條|条
the American people
Meituan-Dianping, China's largest service-focused e-commerce platform
American (i.e. of US nationality)
Meinung town in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan
utility knife / box cutter
Associated Press (AP) / abbr. for 美國聯合通訊社|美国联合通讯社
history of art
American Samoa
Meilan district of Haikou city 海口市, Hainan
(publishing) (abbr. for 美術編輯|美术编辑) layout and graphics / graphic design / art editor / graphic designer
(publishing) layout and graphics / graphic design / art editor / graphic designer
delicious / tasty
United States Virgin Islands (USVI)
American made
everything is fine except for one small defect (idiom); the fly in the ointment
good looks / beauty / good-looking
Brave New World, novel by Aldous Huxley 阿道司·赫胥黎
Methodist (Christian sect)
American-Soviet (tension, rapprochement etc)
to call by the glorified name of (idiom)
Supreme Court of the United States
to whiten (the skin or teeth)
United States Senate
American International Group
US Department of State
NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, agency of US government
jaguar (Panthera onca)
America Online (AOL)
American Express Co. (Amex)
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
USA Eastern Standard Time
beauty sleep (before midnight)
an American (derog.) / a Yankee
United States House of Representatives
cougar / mountain lion / puma
the Americas / North and South American continents
cosmetic surgery
US National Aeronautics and Space Administration / NASA
hairdresser / beautician
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