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to sticky (an Internet forum thread etc)
  *置* | 置* | *置
to install / to place / to put / to buy
to place / to put (at or in a position) / to be located
to buy real estate
to permute / permutation (math.) / to displace / displacement / to replace / replacement
to place oneself / to stay
to believe (what sb claims) (usually used in the negative) / (math.) confidence (interval etc)
to doubt
to purchase / to buy
locker / cabinet
comment / statement
confidence interval (math.)
to pay no heed to (idiom) / to ignore / to brush aside
to turn a deaf ear to (idiom); to pretend not to hear
to give no thought to / to have no regard for / to disregard
to put / to place
variant of 治裝|治装
not to get involved / to stay out of it
to insert / to implant / to embed / to introduce (a new element) into
to pass by without showing interest (idiom)
to place sb on field of death / to confront with mortal danger / to give sb no way out / with one's back to the wall / looking death in the eye / part of idiom 置之死地而後生|置之死地而后生
confidence level (math.)
place sb on a field of death and he will fight to live (idiom based on Sunzi's "The Art of War" 孫子兵法|孙子兵法); to fight desperately when confronting mortal danger / fig. to find a way out of an impasse
to offer an opinion / to comment (on the issue) / to have a say (in the matter)
permutation group (math.)
to banish from one's thoughts / to ignore / to take no notice
to argue
confidence limit (math.)
to purchase / to buy (usu. real estate)
confidence coefficient (math.)
missense mutation
centered alignment (typography)
lit. place on a high shelf / to pay no attention to (idiom)
product placement

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