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  *纸* | 纸* | *纸
variant of 紙|纸
  *纸* | 纸* | *纸
paper / CL: 張|张, / classifier for documents, letter etc
paper / hard copy / printed (as opposed to electronically displayed)
slip of paper
carton / cardboard box
paper towel / napkin / facial tissue / CL: 張|张,
playing card
disposable diaper
paper products / stationery
a piece, scrap or fragment of paper
paper cup
bank notes / paper currency / CL: 張|张
paper pulp
paper crane
paper tape / ticker tape / paper streamer
lit. military tactics on paper (idiom) / fig. theoretical discussion that is worse than useless in practice / armchair strategist / idle theorizing / cf Zhao Kuo 趙括|赵括 leading an army of 400,000 to total annihilation at battle of Changping 長平之戰|长平之战 in 260 BC
gold contract / special drawing right (SDR) / paper gold (finance)
paper doll / papercut silhouette
paper flower
paper pattern as model in dressmaking / paper patten
paper matrix in which type is set
lit. dazzling with paper and gold (idiom); fig. indulging in a life of luxury
disposable diaper
paper tiger
ritual money made of paper burnt for the Gods or the dead
paper cone used as hailer
silverfish (Lepisma saccarina) / fish moth
paper hot pot (hot pot using a single-use pot made of Japanese washi paper with a special coating to prevent burning and leaking, used for cooking at the dining table)
ash from burnt paper
papers / stack of paper
paper wedding (first year wedding anniversary)
disposable diaper
paper clip
lit. paper can't wrap fire; fig. the truth will out
paper dolls for ritual use in the shape of people or animals
paper taper used to light cigarette etc
deck of playing cards
paper dolls for ritual use in the shape of people or animals
juice box / drink in a carton / Tetra Pak drink
matches made of cardboard
paper ingots (burned as offerings to the dead)
joss paper
erhua variant of 紙馬|纸马

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