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  *续* | 续* | *续
to continue / to replenish
endurance / long-term continuous travel or use
to renew or extend a contract
to renew a contract / contract extension
renewal of insurance
sequel / continuation (of a story)
sequel / continuation (of a serial publication)
extended borrowing (e.g. library renewal)
(literary) (of a widower) to remarry
to renew
caper (Capparis spinosa)
extended leave / prolonged absence
addition / appendix / addendum
continuous / on and on / running
to continue to fall (of share prices)
to refill (a beverage cup)
sequel / continuation of a book
sequel / next episode (of TV series etc)
to remarry
secondary infection
one of three Ming dynasty sequels to Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记

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