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appointment / engagement / date / CL: , 個|个 / to arrange to meet
to restrict / to limit to / to constrain / restriction / constraint
  *约* | 约* | *约
to weigh in a balance or on a scale
  *约* | 约* | *约
to make an appointment / to invite / approximately / pact / treaty / to economize / to restrict / to reduce (a fraction) / concise
to agree on sth (after discussion) / to conclude a bargain / to arrange / to promise / to stipulate / to make an appointment / stipulated (time, amount, quality etc) / an arrangement / a deal / appointment / undertaking / commitment / understanding / engagement / stipulation
John Updike, US novelist (1932-2009), Pulitzer Prize winner
John (name) / Johan (name) / Johann (name)
Johnson or Johnston (name)
Joseph (name)
approximately / about (some numerical value)
(of a contract) binding (law)
approximately equal to
about / around / approximately
Johannesburg, South Africa
Joshua (name)
established by popular usage (idiom); common usage agreement / customary convention
Yorkshire (English region)
divisor (of a number) / approximate number
Johnston, Johnson, Johnstone etc, name
partner for dating / a date (boyfriend or girlfriend)
to agree on three laws (idiom) / three-point covenant / (fig.) preliminary agreement / basic rules
to arrange an interview / an appointment (with the foreign ambassador)
to invite / to issue an invitation
reduced fraction (e.g. one half for three sixths) / to reduce a fraction by canceling common factors in the numerator and denominator
about / around / approximately / also written 約莫|约莫
temporary law / provisional constitution
Joseph (name)
Gospel according to St John
Jurgen (name)
approximate / rough
to invite sb to go along with oneself (to a meeting, on a trip etc)
Job (name) / Book of Job in the Old Testament
Book of Job (in the Old Testament)
iota (Greek letter Ιι)
Josiah or Yoshiyahu (649-609 BC), a king of Judah (Judaism)
approximate estimate / a rough count
contract / oath of allegiance
to arrange to go on a date with sb
Book of Joshua
variant of 約旦|约旦, Jordan
cash equivalent (accountancy)
promise / one's word / pledge / abbreviation
John Paul (name) / Pope John Paul II, Karol Józef Wojtyła (1920-2005), Pope 1978-2005
Book of Joel
to bind / to restrict / to constrain
Second epistle of St John / also written 約翰二書|约翰二书
First epistle of St John / also written 約翰一書|约翰一书
John Hawkins (1532-1595), British seaman involved in sea war with Spain / Johns Hopkins (1795-1873), American entrepreneur, abolitionist and philanthropist
to assemble by agreement / to gather
Third epistle of St John / also written 約翰三書|约翰三书
Jotham (son of Uzziah)
John Rabe (1882-1950), German who helped protect Chinese during the Nanking massacre period
approximate estimate / to reckon roughly
Joseph Stalin (1879-1953), Soviet dictator
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Ark of the Covenant
committed information rate (Frame Relay) / CIR
(slang) to hook up for a one night stand / booty call
Second epistle of St John
Book of Jonah
Jordan River
restrictive condition / constraint
Jehoshaphat, fourth king of Judah (Judaism)
Gjøvik (city in Oppland, Norway)
John Bunyan (1628-1688), English puritan writer, author of Pilgrim's Progress 天路歷程|天路历程
First epistle of St John
Third epistle of St John

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