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to count numbers / to keep to one's word / to hold (i.e. to remain valid) / to count (i.e. to be important)
arithmetic / algorithm / method of calculation
considered to be / at last
fortune-telling / to tell fortune
  *算* | 算* | *算
to regard as / to figure / to calculate / to compute
to reckon / to calculate / to plan / to expect / to scheme
(accounting) to balance the books; to do the accounts / (fig.) to settle an account; to get one's revenge
arithmetic / sums (mathematics as primary school subject)
abacus / CL: / plan / scheme
let it be / let it pass / forget about it
hash rate (digital currency mining)
fortune telling
(of sb's words) to count / can be trusted
who do (you) think (you) are? / who does (he, she etc) think (he, she) is?
arithmetic mean
formula in mathematics / arithmetic formula
operator (math.)
not count as
does not count for anything / of no account
you got me! / you win! / you are something!
to figure out
to calculate precisely / to identify; to discern; to tell
just who do (you) think (you) are? (or "just who does (she) think (she) is?" etc)
arithmetic mean (math.)
arithmetic series (such as 2+4+6+8+...)
to calculate / to estimate / in total / all told / (fig.) if you think about it

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