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  *笔* | 笔* | *笔
pen / pencil / writing brush / to write or compose / the strokes of Chinese characters / classifier for sums of money, deals / CL: ,
notebook (stationery) / CL: / notebook (computing)
to take down (in writing) / notes / a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches / CL:
strokes of a Chinese character
written examination / paper test (for an applicant)
laptop / notebook (computer) / CL: 臺|台,
to put down in writing / to take down notes / transcript / record
pen name / pseudonym
the author / the writer
stroke order (when writing Chinese character)
the wording and purport of what one writes
to do a sum in writing / written calculation
pen and ink / words / writing
brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy / brushwork / style of drawing or writing
variant of 筆畫|笔画
written translation
stroke count (number of brushstrokes of a Chinese character)
perfectly straight / straight as a ramrod / bolt upright
nib / pen point / the tip of a writing brush or pencil
pen container / brush pot
notebook (computer) / CL: 臺|台,
ability to write / writing skill / written / in written form
technique of writing / calligraphy / or drawing
pen rack / pen-holder
to communicate by means of written notes (instead of speaking) / to publish one's opinion (e.g. as part of a scholarly dialogue) / (in book titles) essays / sketches
the shaft of a pen or writing brush / pen-holder / pen
a form of automatic writing in which two or more participants hold a single pen over a sheet of paper and invite a spirit to write answers to their questions / a spirit so invited
pen pal
PEN (association of writers)
the tip of a writing brush / vigor of style in writing / stroke / touch
(standing) very straight / straight as a ramrod / bolt upright / well-ironed / trim
(of writing) tone / style
a slip of a pen / CL: 處|处
vigor of strokes in calligraphy or drawing / vigor of style in literary composition
to make a living by writing / to write (as an author)
laptop / notebook (computer)
the cap of a pen, pencil or writing brush / the sheath of a pen (made of cloth, silk or thread)
(poorly paid) ghostwriter or substitute calligrapher
the cap of a pen, pencil, or writing brush
pen / an effective writer
notebook (computer)
writing brush and ink stone
pencil lead / refill (for a ball-point pen)
to write elegantly
written evidence, as opposed to oral evidence 口供
written polemics
ability to write
penne pasta
lookup table for Chinese character based on radical and stroke count
the pen is mightier than the sword (idiom)

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