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notebook (stationery) / CL: / notebook (computing)
  *笔* | 笔* | *笔
pen / pencil / writing brush / to write or compose / the strokes of Chinese characters / classifier for sums of money, deals / CL: ,
to take down (in writing) / notes / a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches / CL:
strokes of a Chinese character
the author / the writer
pen name / pseudonym
written examination / paper test (for an applicant)
the wording and purport of what one writes
pen and ink / words / writing
to put down in writing / to take down notes / transcript / record
variant of 筆畫|笔画
stroke order (when writing Chinese character)
pen container / brush pot
perfectly straight / straight as a ramrod / bolt upright
to do a sum in writing / written calculation
nib / pen point / the tip of a writing brush or pencil
pen rack / pen-holder
brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy / brushwork / style of drawing or writing
a form of automatic writing in which two or more participants hold a single pen over a sheet of paper and invite a spirit to write answers to their questions / a spirit so invited
technique of writing / calligraphy / or drawing
ability to write / writing skill / written / in written form
written translation
writing brush and ink stone
the shaft of a pen or writing brush / pen-holder / pen
pen pal
to communicate by means of written notes (instead of speaking) / to publish one's opinion (e.g. as part of a scholarly dialogue) / (in book titles) essays / sketches
(standing) very straight / straight as a ramrod / bolt upright / well-ironed / trim
the tip of a writing brush / vigor of style in writing / stroke / touch
(of writing) tone / style
vigor of strokes in calligraphy or drawing / vigor of style in literary composition
to make a living by writing / to write (as an author)
PEN (association of writers)
a slip of a pen / CL: 處|处
the cap of a pen, pencil or writing brush / the sheath of a pen (made of cloth, silk or thread)
the cap of a pen, pencil, or writing brush
to write elegantly
written evidence, as opposed to oral evidence 口供
written polemics
notebook (computer) / CL: 臺|台,
(poorly paid) ghostwriter or substitute calligrapher
lookup table for Chinese character based on radical and stroke count
the pen is mightier than the sword (idiom)
ability to write
pencil lead / refill (for a ball-point pen)
pen / an effective writer
stroke count (number of brushstrokes of a Chinese character)
penne pasta
notebook (computer)
laptop / notebook (computer)
laptop / notebook (computer) / CL: 臺|台,

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