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  *穷* | 穷* | *穷
poor / destitute / to use up / to exhaust / thoroughly / extremely / (coll.) persistently and pointlessly
poor people / the poor
lit. the path exhausted, the end of the road (idiom); an impasse / in a plight with no way out / things have reached a dead end
to use up / to exhaust / to probe to the bottom / limit / end
impoverished / destitute
destitute / wretched poverty
poor wretch / pauper / destitute man / poverty-stricken peasant / penniless good-for-nothing / impecunious vagabond
those who did not benefit from the Chinese economic reforms of the 1980s / see also 富二代
variant of 瓊結|琼结, Qonggyai county, Tibetan: 'Phyongs rgyas, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet
lit. barren hills and wild rivers (idiom) / fig. inhospitable natural environment
a remote and desolate place
to engage in wars of aggression at will (idiom) / militaristic / bellicose
cornered enemy
poor country
to pursue relentlessly
exhausted and hungry
the working poor
when you hit bottom, you have to come up with a new approach (idiom)
to indulge in a life of luxury (idiom); extreme extravagance
destitute / troubled / penniless and full of care
poor but ambitious (idiom); hard-pressed but determined / the worse one's position, the harder one must fight back
to struggle to cope (with a situation) / to be at one's wits' end
variant of 瓊結縣|琼结县, Qonggyai county, Tibetan: 'Phyongs rgyas rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet
the poor are ignored in the busiest city; the rich will find relatives in the deepest mountain
extravagant in the extreme (idiom)
destitute and troubled / in dire straits
to shake uncontrollably / to jiggle (one's leg etc)
wretched look / shabby looks
hard-up / in dire straits / desperate
to be short of sth / to be wanting in sth
poor but spirited person / destitute / the poor (traditional)
poor and with few means of subsistance (idiom) / destitute
to exhaust / to use up
a desperate rat will bite the fox (idiom); the smallest worm will turn being trodden on
to think hard (idiom) / to give sth much thought
Archimedes' method of exhaustion (an early form of integral calculus)

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