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to move / movement / migration / mobile / portable
to immigrate / to migrate / emigrant / immigrant
  *移* | 移* | *移
to move / to shift / to change / to alter / to remove
to transplant
to transfer / to hand over
to transfer (a case, a person, files etc)
to shift / shift / translocation / displacement / (medicine) dislocation
to move away
to migrate / to move to a new place of residence
to transplant (horticulture, agriculture)
cell phone network
lit. to graft flowers onto a tree / to surreptitiously substitute one thing for another (idiom)
to reform habits and customs (idiom)
(organ) transplant operation
to shift / to transfer
change of affection, shift of love (idiom); to change one's feelings to another love / to fall in love with sb else
to relocate a piece of equipment (air conditioner etc)
moving average (in financial analysis)
moving average index (used in financial analysis)
to move troops to / (fig.) to move to / to shift to
to transpose (music)
to use (sth) for a purpose other than its original one; to adapt (tools, methods etc) for another purpose
lit. to move mountains and drain seas / to transform nature
to remove
(Tw) foreign worker (abbr. for 移住勞工|移住劳工)
to migrate / to resettle
to put to a different use / to borrow / (linguistics) borrowing
mobile telephone
to redirect one's affections / (of literature etc) to cultivate people's character / empathy (i.e. attribution of feelings to an object) / transference (psychology)
variant of 移植
immigration office
mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc)
mobile telephone
to move away
the will to move mountains / fig. high ambitions
for a while
migrant worker
migrant / immigrant
to bring to justice / to hand over to the law

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