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private / personal / interpersonal / sb with whom one has a close personal relationship / a member of one's clique
private / personal / secretly / without explicit approval
  *私* | 私* | *私
personal / private / selfish
private / privately owned or managed
privately-owned house / private rooms / private ownings
personal / private / confidential
private correspondence / personal letter / (computing) personal message (PM) / to message sb
in private
privately-owned / private
private placement (investing)
private / privately-owned
private business / opposite: state-owned enterprise 國有企業|国有企业
private life
to keep hidden / to keep in one's private possession / secret store / stash
private car
private equity fund / fund offered to private placement (e.g. hedge fund)
private enterprise / abbr. of 私營企業|私营企业
to elope
private parts / genitalia
private school
privately / secretly / confidentially
privately-run / private enterprise
(Tw) private message / to send a private message
(gaming) server emulator / private server / abbr. for 私人服務器|私人服务器
private (company, school etc)
to discuss in whispered tones / whispered conversation
to settle privately / to solve behind closed doors / to settle out of court
secret purse / secret stash of money
privatization / to privatize
personal gain / (one's own) selfish interest
to enter (a place) without permission / to intrude into
selfishness / selfish motives
private school (in former times)
personal friendship
to misappropriate (public funds etc) / to embezzle
illegitimate child (male) / bastard / love child
personal grudge
selfish desire
private ownership of property
to make a pledge to be married, without parents' approval
illegally-traded salt (with salt tax not paid)
to have secret ties with / to be in covert communication with (the enemy etc) / to engage in an illicit sexual relationship / adultery
to sell illicitly / to bootleg / to sell privately
private law
personal spite / malice
personal matters
personal considerations / love affair
private / secret / intimate
to travel on private business / to act without official approval / to inspect incognito / to act in one's own interest
to smuggle
illegitimate child / bastard / love child
private key (in encryption)
to brew alcoholic drinks illegally
(gaming) server emulator / private server
one's own pocket
see 私密
fraudulent practice
selfish preference
to secretly plan treason (idiom)

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