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  *票* | 票* | *票
ticket / ballot / banknote / CL: 張|张 / person held for ransom / amateur performance of Chinese opera / classifier for groups, batches, business transactions
ticket price / fare / admission fee
box office
negotiable instrument (draft, note etc) / voucher / receipt
negotiable instruments act
number of votes / poll count
to vote by ballot
an amateur actor (e.g. in Chinese opera)
a ticket / a pass (e.g. to enter a building)
to decide by vote
ballot box
voucher / share / share certificate
ticket stub
draft remittance
ticket scalper
(Tw) voter base
par value / face value (of a bond)
polling station
money shop (ancient form of banking business)
to work as amateur for no pay
an amateur actor (e.g. in Chinese opera)

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