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mysterious / mystery
legend / fairy tale / myth / mythology
magical / mystical / miraculous
nerve / mental state / (coll.) unhinged / nutjob
appearance / manner / bearing / deportment / look / expression / mien
Daoist immortal / supernatural entity / (in modern fiction) fairy, elf, leprechaun etc / fig. lighthearted person
divine / hallow / holy / sacred
expression / manner / vigorous / impressive / lofty / pretentious
  *神* | 神* | *神
God / abbr. for 神舟
  *神* | 神* | *神
deity / soul / spirit / unusual / mysterious / lively / expressive / expression / look / CL: 個|个 / (slang) awesome / amazing
expression / look
Shenmu County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi
magical object / object symbolic of imperial power / fine weapon
look / expression
remarkable ability / magical power
deities / gods
The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri 但丁
medicated leaven (used in TCM to treat indigestion)
image of a God
The Goddess, 1934 silent film about a Shanghai prostitute, directed by 吳永剛|吴永刚
goddess / prostitute (slang)
Shenchi county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi
child prodigy
mind / state of mind (often abnormal)
Christian priest or clergyman / (spiritual) father
lightning speed / amazingly rapid / incredible pace of development
God / deity
to make divine / apotheosis
similar in expression and spirit / to bear a remarkable resemblance to
to be fascinated / to be rapt / to long for / to dream of
charm or grace (in poetry or art)
occult force / the power of a God or spirit
consciousness / state of mind / compos mentis
nervous system
theological / theology
extraordinarily brave / heroic
god / spirit / demon / occult or supernatural entities in general
Kanagawa, Japan
expression / spirit / vigor
(idiom) full of vitality / relaxed and alert
Kanagawa prefecture, Japan
mythical horse / Internet slang for 什麼|什么
The Return of the Condor Heroes (classic wuxia martial arts TV films of 1998 and 2006 based on novel by Jinyong 金庸)
Kōbe, major Japanese port near Ōsaka
mental disorder / neuropathy / (derog.) mental case
marvelous / wondrous
master sleuth / lit. miraculous detective / cf Sherlock Holmes 福爾摩斯|福尔摩斯 or Di Renjie 狄仁傑|狄仁杰
spirit tablet / ancestral tablet
mythological story / myth
neural / mental / neurological
Shennong or Farmer God (c. 2000 BC), first of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝 and creator of agriculture
(euphemism) mental illness / psychasthenia
neuralgia (medicine)
(idiom) brilliant / extremely skillful / virtuosic
magical / miraculous / mystical
lit. spirit and soul upside down (idiom); infatuated and head over heels in love / fascinated / captivated
The Return of the Condor Heroes (classic wuxia martial arts TV films of 1998 and 2006 based on novel by Jinyong 金庸) / variant of 神鵰俠侶|神雕侠侣
divine right (of kings)
god / deity
state of mind
divine strategy and wonderful planning (idiom) / clever scheme / supremely clever in his schemes
mysterious / an enigma
lit. to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost (idiom) / fig. elusive
neural network
Shinto (Japanese religion)
soul brothers / friends in spirit who have never met / to commune with
to possess great magical power / to possess remarkable abilities
the gods love the common people (idiom)
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor
nerve cell / neuron
lit. spirit and marrow / the essential character
kamikaze unit (Japanese corps of suicide pilots in World War II)
lit. divine pen / fig. outstanding writing
old name for China
jumpy / nervous / oversensitive
depressed / dispirited / dejected
neural tube (embryology)
arrogant appearance / smug appearance / to act condescending / to put on airs
the Holy Roman Empire (history)
shrine / niche / household shrine
sacred / inviolable
supernatural novel / novel of ghosts and goblins
Shennong's Compendium of Materia Medica, a Han dynasty pharmacological compendium, 3 scrolls
Shennongjialin, directly administered forestry reserve in east Hubei
mind / wisdom / consciousness
mental aberration / nervous abnormality
spirits and devils (usually harmful) / demon
supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods / uncanny workmanship / superlative craftsmanship
the work of gods and devils (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation / curious coincidence
abstracted / absent-minded / in a trance

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