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  *硬* | 硬* | *硬
hard / stiff / strong / firm / resolutely / doggedly / good (quality) / able (person)
(computer) hardware
coin / CL:
crust / hard shell
just / simply / stubbornly / really
to harden / hardening / sclerosis / fig. to become rigid or inflexible in opinions / to ossify
rigid / inflexible / hard (drug)
man of steel / unyielding, tough guy
hard disk
generic term for hard writing instruments such as quill pens, fountain pens, ball pens and pencils, as opposed to writing brushes
to brace oneself to do sth / to put a bold face on it / to summon up courage / to force oneself to
(Tw) hard disk / hard drive
robust / healthy
to endure with all one's will / to hold out / rigid / stiff
strong / sturdy / awesome
stiff / rigid / inflexible / forcibly
hard power (i.e. military and economic power)
to meet force with force / painstaking
very hard
to make oneself do sth in spite of adversity, pain etc
(esp. of an actor) strong / capable
to shove
(coll.) (Tw) to defend an untenable position with ridiculous arguments (Taiwanese, POJ pr. [ngē-áu]) / Taiwan pr. [ying4 ao1]
hardcore / hard core
firm / unyielding / strong-willed
to use force
calcium stearate
injury / trauma / (fig.) glaring error / flaw / shortcoming
by brute strength / rashly and forcefully / bull-headed / to work tenaciously with no fear of hardship
sturdy / robust
staunchly honest
hard candy
hard-line / hardcore
hard seat (on trains or boats)
hard sleeper (a type of sleeper train ticket class with a harder bunk)
cardboard / stiff paper
sports coupé (car)
hard water
hard target
to have a hard landing (economy)
variant of 硬邦邦
to force feed
crust (of a solidified liquid etc)
hard disk / hard drive
hardcore (Tw)
stearic acid / stearate
firmly set on doing sth / to insist on doing / determined in one's course of action
nut / fruit with hard shell
hard drive / hard disk
anhydrite CaSO4
hard seat (on trains)
bony fishes / Osteichthyes (taxonomic class including most fish)
coin blank
hardware platform
to pressure / to press / to force / to compel / to push / to coerce / to urge / to impel / to bully into / to be compelled

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