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eyebrow / CL:
brows and eyes / appearance / looks / countenance
Meishan prefecture-level city in Sichuan
(the space) between the eyebrows
  *眉* | 眉* | *眉
eyebrow / upper margin
tip of brow
eyebrow pencil (cosmetics)
Meishan prefecture-level city in Sichuan
the flat area of forehead between the eyebrows / glabella
(literary) forehead / countenance / appearance
pretty / with delicate features
Mei County in Baoji 寶雞|宝鸡, Shaanxi
smiles of exultation / radiant with delight
brows raised in delight, eyes laughing (idiom); beaming with joy / all smiles
lit. eyes and eyebrows come and go (idiom); to make eyes / to exchange flirting glances with sb
general facial appearance / features / arrangement / sequence of ideas / logic (of writing) / rough sketch or general idea of things
progress / prospect of solution / sign of positive outcome
to make sheep eyes at / to cast amorous glances at
eyebrows and eyelashes / nearby
careless / any-old-how, regardless of the specific task
ājñā or ajna, the brow or third eye chakra 查克拉, residing in the forehead / also written 眉間輪|眉间轮
headnotes / comments or footnotes at top of the page
ājñā or ajna, the brow or third eye chakra 查克拉, residing in the forehead
tip of the eyebrows / top margin on a page
outer tip of the eyebrow / (facial) expression / (Tw) knack / trick of the trade
to give the eye to / to make eyes at
eyebrows (esp. as sth knitted 皺|皱 into a frown) / outer tip of an eyebrow
eyebrows (with umber black make-up)
waxing crescent (moon)

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