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to be convinced (that sth is true) / to believe / to accept sth as true
identical / same
opposite / contrary
related / relevant / pertinent / to be interrelated / (statistics) correlation
relatively / opposite / to resist / to oppose / relative / vis-a-vis / counterpart
equivalent to / appropriate / considerably / to a certain extent / fairly / quite
to be in contact (with sb) / to associate / to interact / to get along (well, poorly)
to resemble / similar / like / resemblance / similarity
to correspond / answering (one another) / to agree (among the part) / corresponding / relevant / appropriate / (modify) accordingly
to differ / discrepancy between
comic dialogue / sketch / crosstalk
equal / equally / equivalent
to complement one another (idiom)
  *相* | 相* | *相
surname Xiang
  *相* | 相* | *相
each other / one another / mutually / fret on the neck of a pipa 琵琶 (a fret on the soundboard is called a )
  *相* | 相* | *相
appearance / portrait / picture / government minister / (physics) phase / (literary) to appraise (esp. by scrutinizing physical features) / to read sb's fortune (by physiognomy, palmistry etc)
photo album
image / photograph / CL: 張|张
camera (abbr. for 照相機|照相机) / at the opportune moment / as the circumstances allow
to compare
photo album
compatible / consistent / to tolerate (each other)
to meet / to encounter / to come across
to compare
to match / to tally
equivalent to
close / similar to
in succession / following closely
to get to know each other / acquaintance
separated by (distance or time etc)
each other / mutual
neighbor / adjacent
to pass on / to hand down / tradition has it that ... / according to legend
to agree (on a meeting place, date etc) / to reach agreement / to make an appointment
to link / to join / link / connection
to discuss two disparate things together (idiom); to mention on equal terms / to place on a par with / (often with negatives: impossible to mention X in the same breath as Y)
to love each other
Xiangcheng district of Suzhou city 蘇州市|苏州市, Jiangsu
photographic paper
to vie against one another / to fight each other / mutual aggression
collision / crash / to crash together / to collide with / to bump into
on a par with / comparable to
blind date / arranged interview to evaluate a proposed marriage partner (Taiwan pr. [xiang4 qin1]) / to be deeply attached to each other
to be kind and love one another (idiom); bound by deep emotions
theory of relativity
to be suitable or appropriate
to see each other / to meet in person
to meet together / to assemble
to be interdependent
to meet (by chance) / to come across
by comparison
picture frame
to match / well-suited
mutually dependent for life (idiom); to rely upon one another for survival / interdependent
distance apart / separated by a given distance
photo frame
to look at each other
relatively speaking / comparatively speaking
phase (waves)
to accompany sb / to accompany each other
relative humidity
phase diagram (math.) / phase portrait
sumo wrestling / also pr. [xiang4 pu1]
to yearn / to pine
to welcome sb / to greet sb
mutual attraction (e.g. electrostatic) / to attract one another
to meet together
to persuade / to exhort / to advise
to contrast / to set off one another / to go well with
to help one another / to come to sb's help
resemblance / similarity
to fail to meet each other / to conflict with each other / to be at odds with
to love each other
to cross over (e.g. traffic) / to intersect / to make friends
to alternate / to follow one another
to look at one another / to take a good look at / to look upon
relative position
interlinked / connected / communicating / in communication / accommodating
to help one another / to aid
to resemble one another / to be alike / similar
phase space (math., ordinary differential equations)
to bring out the best in each other (idiom) / to complement one another well
lit. (of fish) to moisten each other with spittle (when water is drying up) (idiom) / fig. to share meager resources / mutual help in humble circumstances
to find to one's taste / to pick (after looking at) / Taiwan pr. [xiang4 zhong4]
to guard each other
relative address (computing)
to balance up / to offset / to counterbalance
to treat
to merge with / interlinking / to join with / to interlock
relevant / to have to do with / coherent (Physics: light etc)
mutual repulsion (e.g. electrostatic) / to repel one another
to know each other / to recognize / to identify / to acknowledge (an old relationship)
different / dissimilar
locked in a stalemate / to confront one another
prime minister (in ancient China)
lord / master / young gentleman / male prostitute / catamite / mahjong player disqualified by unintentionally taking in the wrong number of dominoes / (old form of address for one's husband) husband
phase angle
to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally. / It feels like we have known each other all along.

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