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purpose / aim / goal / target / objective / CL: 個|个
catalog / table of contents / directory (on computer hard drive) / list / contents
target / goal / objective / CL: 個|个
at the present time / currently
sight / vision / view / gaze / look
to witness / to see at first hand / to see with one's own eyes
  *目* | 目* | *目
eye / item / section / list / catalogue / table of contents / order (taxonomy) / goal / name / title
destination (location)
target market
to see with one's own eyes / to witness
unable to take one's eyes off (idiom); to gaze steadily / to stare
to estimate visually / to gauge / visual assessment
lit. too much for the eye to take in (idiom); a feast for the eyes
dumbstruck (idiom); stupefied / stunned
not to glance sideways (idiom) / to gaze fixedly / to be fully concentrated / to preserve a correct attitude
to follow with one's eyes (a departing guest etc)
the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around (idiom); arrogant / condescending / supercilious
destination address / target address
to pay no heed to the regulations
dizzy / dazzled
to consider everyone else beneath one (idiom); so arrogant that no-one else matters / condescending / to go about with one's nose in the air
to be shortsighted
as far as the eye can see
to speak with the eyes
at present
eyesight (i.e. quality of vision)
to have a lifeless look in one's eyes (idiom)
lit. the eye cannot recognize the letter T (idiom); totally illiterate
lit. the eye cannot bear to see it (idiom); a scene too pitiful to behold
with no regard for law or discipline (idiom); flouting the law and disregarding all rules / in complete disorder
eye socket
to make eyes / to exchange flirting glances with sb
the eye cannot take it all in (idiom); too many good things to see / a feast for the eyes
to see the ox already cut up into joints (idiom); extremely skilled / able to see through the problem at one glance
lit. not even peek at the garden / fig. to be absorbed in one's studies (idiom)
nowadays / at present / as things stand
lit. the eyelashes do not come together (idiom) / fig. to not sleep a wink
the eye is bewildered by five colors (idiom); a dazzling riot of colors
to be dazzled and stunned (idiom)
short-sighted / limited vision
lit. the eye cannot bear to see it (idiom); a scene too pitiful to behold
gazing fixedly (idiom)
lit. the eye cannot see the eyelashes (idiom); fig. unable to see one's own faults / to lack self-awareness / truths too close to home
the eye incites, the heart invites (idiom); flirtatious / making eyes at sb
stunned / dumbstruck
to have eyes without luster (idiom)
to be dizzy and see stars
the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around (idiom); arrogant / condescending / supercilious
lit. eye startled, mouth struck dumb (idiom); stunned / stupefied
to look at the sky in sorrow
blind / blindness
eyelid twitch
target matching task

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