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  *玩* | 玩* | *玩
to play / to have fun / to trifle with / toy / sth used for amusement / curio or antique (Taiwan pr. [wan4]) / to keep sth for entertainment
  *玩* | 玩* | *玩
variant of / Taiwan pr. [wan4]
plaything / toy
to play with / to toy with / to dally with / to engage in / to resort to
erhua variant of 玩意
to play fast and loose with the law / to game the system / (leisure) rules of the game / way of doing an activity / (tourism) way of experiencing a place
to play around / to disport oneself
to joke / joke / jest
to know all the ins and outs of sth / to get to know (a place) inside out
toy / plaything / thing / act / trick (in a performance, stage show, acrobatics etc)
to play (as children do) / to amuse oneself
toy figurine / action figure / stuffed animal / doll / (fig.) sb's plaything
to ruminate / to ponder subtleties
to play / to have fun / to hang out
to trifle without respect (idiom); to despise worldly conventions / frivolous
to play with fire
to neglect one's duty / dereliction of duty / malpractice
to appreciate / to take pleasure in / to enjoy
to play tricks
lit. trifling destroys the will (idiom); infatuation with fine details prevents one making progress / excessive attention to trivia saps the will
to play with fire and get burnt (idiom); fig. to play with evil and suffer the consequences / to get one's fingers burnt
to gamble with life / to take reckless risks
to neglect / to trifle with / not to take seriously
interest in dallying / in the mood for playing
finished / to be done with sth
to play tricks / to play at politics
to visit (a large number of places) / to tour around (the whole country, the whole city etc)
to play cards / to play mahjong
to trifle / to dally with / to treat casually / to jest
playful talk / joking
variant of 玩意
to search for subtle traces / to ponder
elegant plaything / object to appreciate
player (of a game) / enthusiast (audio, model planes etc)
can't afford to play / (fig.) can't accept it when one loses
to play with others and offend morals / wicked
Doll's House (1879), drama by Ibsen 易卜生
can't handle it / can't find any way (of doing sth) / not up to the task
to play tricks on sb
can handle it / up to the task
amateur dramatics
to play tricks
toy factory
toy gun
to hide oneself (as a joke)
player character (in a role-playing game)
to juggle with words (dishonestly) / to be a hypocrite and hide behind florid rhetoric
to play dirty / crafty / scheming

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