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  *狂* | 狂* | *狂
mad / wild / violent
party / carousal / hilarity / merriment / whoopee / to carouse
HSK 7-9
zealotry / fanatical / feverish
HSK 7-9
HSK 7-9
hurricane / violent reform or revolution / violent movement or force
to run like crazy; to rush
frantic / berserk
ecstasy / rapt
fantasy / illusion / vain dream
howling wind and torrential rain (idiom) / (fig.) difficult, dangerous situation
coarse and wild
rash / impetuous / irritable
crazy fall (in prices)
egotistical / arrogant / brassy
to howl with laughter; to laugh one's head off
wild / unrestrained
surging tide / (fig.) tide / craze / rage / spree
to bark furiously / to howl
ravings / delirious utterances / kyōgen (a form of traditional Japanese comic theater)
gale / squall / whole gale (meteorology)
domineering / haughty
strong wind and heavy rain (idiom)
to drink hard
(literary) brazen; outrageous; defiant
arrogant and conceited
rhapsody (music)
to bomb indiscriminately
(idiom) to eat and drink to excess
to deceive and swindle across the board (idiom)
Diary of a Madman by Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅
to be set in one's ways (idiom)
arrogant and unbridled
display of wild manners / scandalous scene / insolent and conceited manners
berserker (Norse warrior or fantasy role-playing character)
berserker (fantasy role-playing)
mad cow disease / bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE
to fling vigorously / fig. to reduce drastically
(slang) to strongly support / to strongly approve of

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