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to commit a crime / crime / offense
  *犯* | 犯* | *犯
to violate / to offend / to assault / criminal / crime / to make a mistake / recurrence (of mistake or sth bad)
to break the rules / an illegality / a foul
scene of the crime
to err / to make a mistake / to do the wrong thing
to break the law
criminal activity
convict / prisoner / criminal
a criminal gang
(coll.) to get sleepy
to worry / to be anxious
to fall ill
crime syndicate
to be foolish / to play dumb / to gaze absentmindedly
criminal intent
to feel embarrassed / to feel akward
to commit a crime or offence
to offend one's superiors
illegal drug / narcotic
not worthwhile
to hesitate / to have second thoughts / to be concerned / to brood (over sth) / to complain
to become excited
confused / mixed up / muddled up / befuddled
to be afraid / to feel nervous
worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile) / also written 犯得上
to violate a ban
to violate a taboo
to go against the rules (of a religious order) / to break a ban (e.g. medical)
to rebel against the emperor (idiom)
worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile)
(dialect) to talk nonsense / garrulous
to break the law / to commit a crime
criminal / perpetrator
variant of 犯怵

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