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special / particular / unusual / extraordinary
especially / special / particular / unusual
particular kind / special type
characteristic / distinguishing feature or quality
  *特* | 特* | *特
special / unique / distinguished / especially / unusual / very / abbr. for 特克斯, tex
characteristic (feature) / trait / feature / CL: 個|个
special effect / specially good effect / especially efficacious
property / characteristic
characteristic / diagnostic property / distinctive feature / trait
abbr. for 特别優惠|特别优惠 / ex gratia
secret service / special service / secret service agent / special agent
prerogative / privilege / privileged
special price
commando / special forces soldier
special collection / special issue / album
personal strength / one's special ability or strong points
Donald Trump (1946-), American business magnate, US president 2017-
Tesla (unit) / Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Serbian inventor and engineer
special / specific / designated / particular
to have a sale / sale
specially / intentionally
special invitation
special grade / top quality
special administrative region / abbr. for 特別行政區|特别行政区
characteristic / special quality
special local product / (regional) specialty
special administrative region (SAR), of which there are two in the PRC: Hong Kong 香港 and Macau 澳門|澳门 / refers to many different areas during late Qing, foreign occupation, warlord period and Nationalist government / refers to special zones in North Korea and Indonesia
specific (to) / characteristic (of) / distinctive
exceptionally good / excellent / clearly outstanding / distinctive / peculiar / unique
feature article / close-up (filmmaking, photography etc)
specially engaged / employed or commissioned for a special task
special effect / stunt
special assignment (military) / special agent / operative / spy
special / unique
specially / for a special purpose
specific / specificity / idiosyncrasy
license / licensed / concession / concessionary
special grade / top quality
eigenvalue (math.)
special appointment / special correspondent / task force / sb dispatched on a mission
ad hoc / to set up specially
SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) / riot police / abbr. for 特種警察|特种警察
(military) special forces
euphemistic equivalent of 他媽的|他妈的
eigenvector (math.)
Trinidad and Tobago
express (train, delivery etc)
special envoy / special ambassador
special edition (of magazine)
to refer in particular to
franchised operation / franchising
ancient city of Troy
special need / particular requirement
to be unconventional / independence of action
special correspondent / sb dispatched on a mission / special commissioner
special case / isolated example
Delaware, US state
child with special needs / gifted child
express mail
special correspondent / stringer
intensive care
jumbo / king-sized
especially urgent / top priority
Tel Aviv / Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Tekes County in Ili Kazakh autonomous prefecture 伊犁哈薩克自治州|伊犁哈萨克自治州, Xinjiang
special thanks / particular thanks
for a specific purpose / specially
Trafalgar Square (London)
Trafalgar Square (London)
special relation
patent / franchise / concession
promotional event / sale
special duty (e.g. extra security or traffic control on special occasions) / person on special duty
Trier (city in Germany)
Turks and Caicos Islands
Special Olympics
special blend / house blend
Trojan horse
special express
restaurant special / daily special
supernatural power / extrasensory perception
special care / intensive nursing
Trevor (name)
special treatment
SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) / riot police
to come with a specific purpose in mind
special nursing / intensive care / abbr. of 特殊護理|特殊护理
Twa or Batwa, an ethnic group in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo
special functions (math.)
special drawing rights (SDR), international currency of the IMF
particular solution (to a math. equation)
outstanding / prominent
Teresa / Theresa (name)
Trenton, capital of New Jersey
Delaware, US state
characteristic binding

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