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photograph / picture / CL: 張|张, ,
to take care of / to show consideration / to attend to / to look after
  *照* | 照* | *照
variant of / to shine / to illuminate
  *照* | 照* | *照
according to / in accordance with / to shine / to illuminate / to reflect / to look at (one's reflection) / to take (a photo) / photo / as requested / as before
as usual
to shine / to illuminate
as before / (same) as usual / in the same manner / still / nevertheless
lighting / illumination / to light up / to illuminate
to take a photograph
to illuminate / to light up / lighting
to tend / to take care of sb
magic mirror for revealing goblins / fig. way of seeing through a conspiracy
to shine on / to light up / to irradiate
care / treatment (e.g. nursing care) / to look after
photo studio
to copy / to imitate
to copy word for word
to do as instructed / to comply
(Internet slang) flattering photo (pun on 照片) / photoshopped picture
a screen wall across the gate of a house (for privacy)
to look after / to attend to / to have in care
as before / as in the past
phototypesetting / photocomposition
to accept without question / to take sth at face value
to correlate with / to correspond to
to look after / to take care of / to attend to
to follow the rules / to do as instructed / to play by the book / to comply with a request
as a rule / as usual / usually
to meet face-to-face
variant of 照相
level of illumination / (physics) illuminance
according to the regulations
request granted (formal usage in old document) / to aim (gun)
to shine / to illuminate
teriyaki (Japanese cooking technique)
according to reason / usually / in the normal course of events / to attend to
lit. drawing a tiger using a cat as a model (idiom); fig. to follow a model and get things more or less right but without capturing the spirit of the subject / uninspired imitation
normally / ordinarily speaking
seeing that
a wooden word-by-word reading
approved for distribution / to provide (wages etc) as usual (e.g. while an employee is on maternity leave)
to look after / to provide for
flare / star shell
variant of 照相機|照相机 / camera
lit. to draw a dipper with a gourd as a model (idiom) / fig. to copy slavishly
directly / straight / straight ahead / straightforward
according to agreement / as arranged / as stipulated
to publish unaltered
glare / dazzling
a diplomatic note / letter of understanding or concern exchanged between governments
to copy / to follow the original shape / faithful restoration
to keep on buying (a product) regardless (of price increases, adverse publicity etc)
phototypesetting / photocomposition
to pay as charged
a photographic plate
to take an X-ray

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