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  *煞* | 煞* | *煞
to terminate / to cut short / to bring to a stop / to squeeze / to tighten / to damage / variant of 殺|杀
  *煞* | 煞* | *煞
fiend / demon / very / (Tw) SARS (loanword)
to vent one's anger on (an innocent party) / to take it out on (sb)
baleful look / inauspicious influence / (of a tire, balloon etc) to leak air
to take a lot of trouble (idiom); painstaking / at the cost of a lot of effort
deathly white
extremely / very
to stop one's pen / to break off writing / final remarks (at the end of a book or article)
to be an eyesore / (fig.) to spoil the fun / to be a wet blanket
to make a show of being very much in earnest (idiom) / to act as if one is taking things very seriously
(Tw) to like / to fall in love with
to brake (when driving)
to brake / to stop / to forbid
to finish off / to wind up
to settle an account
demon / fiend
to vent anger

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