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fireworks (i.e. pyrotechnic devices, not the display they produce)
Yantai, prefecture-level city in Shandong
fireworks / prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater)
smoke / mist / vapor / smog / fumes
Yantai, prefecture-level city in Shandong
tobacco and alcohol
misty rain / drizzle
smoke and dust / air pollution
cigarette ash
cigarette butt / fag-end / CL:
leaf tobacco
to vanish like smoke in thin air / to disappear
mist covered water
(smoking) pipe
cigarette butt
heavy smoker / chain smoker
variant of 菸鹼|菸碱 / nicotine
smoky-effect makeup around the eyes
smokescreen / fig. a diversion
cigarette / cigar
chimney / stovepipe / smokestack
tobacco pipe
smoke and baking fire (idiom); surrounded by flames and smoke
the urge to smoke / tobacco addiction
opium pipe
the vast ocean
cigarette butt
cigarette factory
erhua variant of 煙頭|烟头
mist and clouds
abstaining from liquor and tobacco
catalog of prostitutes (esp. in Yuan theater)
variant of 菸鹼酸|菸碱酸 / niacin
moyamoya disease (rare brain disease first diagnosed in Japan)
smoke / to fumigate
raw opium
variant of 菸鹼|菸碱 / nicotine
smoking pipe
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
smoke and fire / fireworks
(bird species of China) Asian house martin (Delichon dasypus)
bacon / smoked ham
niacin (vitamin B3) / 3-Pyridinecarboxylic acid C6H5NO2 / nicotinic acid
  *烟* | 烟* | *烟
cigarette or pipe tobacco / CL: / smoke / mist / vapour / CL: 縷|缕 / tobacco plant / (of the eyes) to be irritated by smoke
Yantai prefecture in Shandong
smoke ring
cigarette butt
smoke bomb
misty lane
cigarette / CL:
(bird species of China) smoky warbler (Phylloscopus fuligiventer)
smoky eyes look (cosmetics)
elbow pasta
involved in a love affair
prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater)
red-light district
(old) red-light district / brothel
firework factory
red-light district
woman / prostitute / lovemaking / literary or theatrical form in Tang, Song and Yuan
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
refers to lovemaking (idiom)
variable glycine (Glycine tabacina), a scrambling plant in the bean family
smoke / pollution
(bird species of China) Wilson's storm petrel (Oceanites oceanicus)

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