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Yantai prefecture level city in Shandong
  *烟* | 烟* | *烟
cigarette or pipe tobacco / CL: / smoke / mist / vapour / CL: 縷|缕 / tobacco plant / (of the eyes) to be irritated by smoke
misty rain / drizzle
smoke and fire / fireworks
fireworks / prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater)
smoke / mist / vapor / smog / fumes
Yantai prefecture level city in Shandong
tobacco and alcohol
cigarette ash
smoke / to fumigate
smoke and dust / air pollution
cigarette butt / fag-end / CL:
(smoking) pipe
leaf tobacco
niacin (vitamin B3) / 3-Pyridinecarboxylic acid C6H5NO2 / nicotinic acid
smoke ring
opium pipe
the urge to smoke / tobacco addiction
tobacco pipe
to vanish like smoke in thin air / to disappear
mist covered water
Yantai prefecture in Shandong
chimney / stovepipe / smokestack
smoke / pollution
cigarette factory
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
smoky-effect makeup around the eyes
prostitute (esp. in Yuan theater)
variant of 菸鹼|菸碱 / nicotine
heavy smoker / chain smoker
elbow pasta
bacon / smoked ham
cigarette butt
smoke bomb
firework factory
involved in a love affair
smokescreen / fig. a diversion
mist and clouds
cigarette butt
variable glycine (Glycine tabacina), a scrambling plant in the bean family
raw opium
red-light district
cigarette / cigar
(old) red-light district / brothel
red-light district
woman / prostitute / lovemaking / literary or theatrical form in Tang, Song and Yuan
erhua variant of 煙頭|烟头
misty lane
smoke and baking fire (idiom); surrounded by flames and smoke
the vast ocean
smoky eyes look (cosmetics)
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
cigarette / CL:
variant of 菸鹼酸|菸碱酸 / niacin
cigarette butt
abstaining from liquor and tobacco
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
refers to lovemaking (idiom)
moyamoya disease (rare brain disease first diagnosed in Japan)
catalog of prostitutes (esp. in Yuan theater)
variant of 菸鹼|菸碱 / nicotine
(bird species of China) smoky warbler (Phylloscopus fuligiventer)
(bird species of China) Wilson's storm petrel (Oceanites oceanicus)
(bird species of China) Asian house martin (Delichon dasypus)

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