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  *烂* | 烂* | *烂
soft / mushy / well-cooked and soft / to rot / to decompose / rotten / worn out / chaotic / messy / utterly / thoroughly / crappy / bad
dud movie
unfinished / incomplete
brightly colored / unaffected (i.e. behaving naturally)
mud / mire
well cooked / to know thoroughly
terrible mess / shambles
unhappy love affair
rotten to the core
dead drunk / completely drunk
useless (idiom) / worthless / inept
lit. as drunk as mud / completely drunk
sb who tries to be on good terms with everyone
accounts in a rotten state
lame joke
(EA) Origin (service) (jocular)
variant of 爛漫|烂漫
overripe / overcooked
to gossip / to blab / a blab-mouth
variant of 爛漫|烂漫
loose woman / slut
rogue / rowdy / unreliable chap

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