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  *炸* | 炸* | *炸
to deep fry / Taiwan pr. [zha4]
  *炸* | 炸* | *炸
to burst / to explode / to blow up / (fig.) to fly into a rage
bomb / CL: , 顆|颗
fried chicken
explosive (material)
to kill with an explosion
to blow up / to destroy with explosives
deep-fried fish
croquettes / deep fried food balls
french fries / (hot) potato chips
fried glutinous rice dough cake
to bomb
(Cantonese cuisine) zhaliang, rice noodle rolls 腸粉|肠粉 stuffed with youtiao 油條|油条
erhua variant of 炸土豆條|炸土豆条
potato chips / crisps / fried potato
to blow up (demolish with an explosion)
crispy fried chicken
Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB), or Mother of All Bombs, a powerful American bomb
Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP), or Father of All Bombs, a powerful Russian bomb
deep-fried cake
to destroy in an explosion / to break (by bombing)
french fries
potato chip
tater tot
zhajiang mian, thick wheat noodles served with ground pork simmered in salty fermented soybean paste (or other sauce)

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